Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, July 31 2013

Today happens to be a big day. In fact, the goodness of the day has already started.

Good because my entry order at 1.3301 not only got triggered, but also closed with a profit.

So, that becomes 2 closed orders with a 50 pips profit in each, which amounts to 100 pips in profit for this month.

If you have noticed, I had started trading from the Monday July, 22. Hence, if I come to analyze the profits, it is about 20% in a time frame of a mere 7 days.

I think that is great, so if you are reading and following this, you know you are at the right place.

Now I come up to the happenings for the day. Well, it has been an interesting day.

There has been a lot of news for the day, which has already created enough ripples for the day.

All round the day there were news from the European Union, mainly from Germany and Italy on the unemployment changes. Both were positive, meaning that the unemployment was lesser than expected. Moreover, the overall unemployment rate has gone down for the entire Europe.

The announcement of this news therefore created positive effects on the EUR/USD pair, meaning that the pair went up. It went up till 1.3300. But in my account, I could not Sell another entry at 1.3301, the market did not reach till there, just missed it by a single pip.

But I am still on with another Sell entry order at 1.3301 for a profit of 50 pips. If this one triggers, then that would be my second entry at the same level.

The news and announcements for the day are not done yet, there is more coming up. 

The prominent one being the Non-Farm Employment change at around 12 pm GMT.

There is one more at 6 pm, which is the FOMC statement. Both the mentioned upcoming news is related to the U.S, and will definitely bring a massive change in the markets.

I really do not know what will be the effect of this news, but I am ready to face it with the signals as below, though much has not changed in my signals since last week.
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3301 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss.
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3251 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3151 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss.

Till then good bye and stay cool.

Why I love to trade in Currencies

In the recent past Trading in currencies has garnered a lot of attention. But much like other avenues of generating money online, it has also come under the speculation of being a scam or fraud. I am not going to talk about all that here. Rather on what makes me trade in currencies, and makes me love doing it.

I have compiled a list of 5 merits of trading in the currencies, which is as below:

1. You need no prior knowledge to be successful in trading with the currencies. It is not like you have to spend time and money to invest in learning the basics of trading.

2.  There is no threshold time period to earn. One can start earning within minutes of opening a Forex trading account.

3. You need not spend your entire day and time working towards earning money in currency trading. In fact, if you are a seasoned trader the number of hours spent on trading will actually lead to more profits in your bank account.

4. The point 3 above is actually what makes another merit. Since, Forex trading gives an immense opportunity to earn at one's convenience, therefore, one gets to spend more time with friends, family or on a hobby that one is ardent about like crafts or traveling.

5. You do not need to track complex charts and financial reports to make a decision to sell or buy a particular trading pair. Anyone with a little trading knowledge in the stocks and bonds would know how taxing and time consuming it is to read all about the companies annual reports and earnings in order to come up with a decision to investing in them. But with currency trading, this particular task also gets eliminated. With experience one only needs to spend few hours a week in the chart pairs of the currency that they trade in.

So, with all the merits mentioned, I feel currency trading is a revolutionary step in getting independent financially and living a happy and stress free life.
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Shifting the url

my adsense got banned, so I am shifting to a new url soon

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, July 29 2013


Welcome to the first trading day of the last week of the Month of July.

Here I am with another trading signal of the day.

As, I kept suggesting in the last week, the market is in for some downward movement.

As it is the market has been on the upside for the last 13 trading days.

I generally wait for 15 days at any extreme ends for the market to show a 180 degree turn.

Looking at the charts now, it seems that that perfect time has come when the 180 degree is anytime going to happen. Well, one just needs to wait and watch for that to happen.

Yes, I am waiting anxiously, with all my open deals at 1.3251 and 1.3201. Hopefully they both would end up with the desired 50 pips of profit by the end of this trading day, or if not by the end of this week.

I am still on with the same signals that I have been talking about in the last week.

I am re-repeating them as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3301 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss.
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3251 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3151 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss.

Further talking of the news and announcements of the day, there are hardly any, except for the one at 2 pm GMT. It is the news regarding the US of Pending home sales.

It is an high impacting one, meaning it could lead the market way up or down.

The Home Sales in US has been declining for sometime; so if the today’s data releases it way down than the expected, then the market will show volatility and dynamism.

I know it could lead to a jostle in the pair, but that is one thing that leads to the movement of pips. It is this movement of pips that gives one the opportunity to make profits.

I will get to see that when the time comes, till then I shall wait and watch.

I have also updated the video showing the position of the market by the time I was writing this post.

I hope that teaches you a thing or two on analyzing the market’s moves for the day.

If you need to know anything more, just follow my easy to follow tutorials for a better understanding.

Till then, enjoy and live a happy life…


Weekly Roundup on Sunday, Jul 28 2013

Okay so this is the very end of this week, and almost the end of this Month.

And as far as my trading goes, well it has just started.

Since last Monday, I pumped some dollars into my account and start trading. 

As you would know, I aim for gaining 500 pips in a 30 days of time. And this ambitious plan of mine leads to doubling my account within those days.

Hence, in this quest of mine, a week or a 7 days have passed.

Within these 7 days, my account has been able to garner 50 pips, or rather 10% in profits.

It was on Thursday, that my Sell entry started at 1.3251 closed in profits.

Just to mention that I started my Selling spree from 1.3201 levels, and from there taking a cover deal at 1.3201.

If I go on an analysis mode on the Weekly candle stick;then it seems obvious that it has been a bullish one, being in blue.


I have clubbed the last and second last weekly candle stick in a black transparent box.

Just checking back tells me that my judgement was close to the real figures for the ending week.

The market did not even cross the 1.3300 levels; rather it was stuck between 1.3297 and 1.3144.

Come to look at it, that is not much movement for an entire week.

Moving ahead, I do not know what the coming week from tomorrow will bring.

But whatever be it, I will optimize it well to my trading advantage.

Long live the stringent trading plan.

P.S.: Do look at my BUY page or the TUTORIALS page to develop more of your understanding of the market.

How to Trade the EUR/USD with the Dollar Index


I am happy to state that I am sticking to my ambition of uploading a tutorial every weekend.

This is precisely my third tutorial in the series. 

To add to the surprise, there is also a video on the same subject, though it is not ready yet. It takes donkey number of years with my wi-fi connection to upload a YouTube video.

Nevertheless, I am on with the written part of the tutorial till the mammoth video gets to the web.

OK, so by now all of you would know that the major indices play a big role in the analysis of the movement of the markets.

The major ones are the DAX and the U.S. Dollar Index.

I stick to the Dollar Index when it comes to forming my trading plan, as this is the one which plays a pivotal role in forming the major trends and moves in the market.

Now, how to go about using it for an advantage in gaining pips in the forex market.

For the same one needs to follow and study the trend formation in the Index for the available data to come up with the future predictions.

The entire philosophy lies in understanding the behaviour patterns of the Index, so as to come with predictions that turn out giving near to accurate trading signals.

I have developed my own theory in going about the same.

I follow the website to have a clear look at the Index.

For the convenience, just follow the link below to land directly at the page where you can witness the historical data for the respective Index.

The page will show you the default data for the Index since last 30 days, though you can view a more customized one by fiddling with the date and the time frame parameters.

Now at the end of the table you could see the highest, lowest as well as the average value for the Index in the last 30 days.

If you are a seasoned trader by now, you know what a helpful insight that could bring to your trading portfolio.

Since, I like to keep things simple, I have enlisted my strategy for the Index in points below. Do feel free to agree, or disagree with me on the same. I would love to know your game plan to madness in this regard.

1.      I like to know the last traded value of the Index.
2.      Then I look at the average value of the Index in the default view of the site, which is precisely 30 days time period.
3.      Then I place the last traded value in between the highest and the lowest values of the Index in the last 30 days.
4.      If the last traded value is closer to the lowest and below the average, I decide to go long on the EUR/USD pair.
5.      I simply go short if the vice-versa is happening.

Yeah, it is that simple. But mind you, you still need a strong trading plan to combine with this trading strategy of the Dollar Index.
As you see, you do get to know whether to go short or long on the pair by analyzing the index, but you still need to know from where exactly you need to take a call of going long or short. That is when your own devised trading plan will come in to the picture.

Moreover, there is one trick that I would love to share. It will serve as a double check to know that the trend formation that you have analyzed by studying the Index is indeed fool proof.

Though this trick in itself may not produce exemplary results all the time, but it definitely gives a second confirming opinion when followed in conjunction with the 5 point strategy that I explained above.

To see the trick just follow the link below:

Hope you understood what I was trying to explain in this post; but in case you have not, then please feel free to get in touch with me or order any of my Tutorial which I serve as a gig on Fiverr.

Till then enjoy your weekend and have a great life ahead.

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Friday, July 26 2013


Today it is the last trading day of the week. And here I am with another post.

The markets have still not started going down in the way which I had anticipated.

But nevertheless, they have not really gone a lot up too. So, in a way that is a good thing.

Yesterday, the market made a high at 1.3296 and a low at 1.3166.

And today it opened at 1.3274 and up to the time I am writing this post, it made the high at 1.3289 and a low at 1.3269. Today’s as of now high is lower than yesterday’s high and also the low is higher. By the end of the day, the market could either break both the highs and the lows or it would not. But whatever may happen by the end of this day, one should completely stick to his/her trading plan and strategy.

Now I move on to the major announcements and financial news of the day. Well, there is nothing really coming up for the day. I mean nothing worthwhile which could bring a major turn around in the market.

So, I am basically going strong with my open deals, one at 1.3201 and the other at 1.3251. That is because my entry order at 1.3251 which I had suggested as a signal yesterday got triggered.

As of now, I am only waiting for my existing entries to close in profits, and also waiting for the entry order at 1.3301 to get triggered.

But of course that will only happen if the market will go up and up; which seems very unlikely right now.

Hence, just wait and watch.

P.S: I have uploaded a video showing the Daily chart for today. It could give you some idea as to how I stay so sure with my signals and the trading strategies.
And do let me know if you need to understand anything regarding the EUR/USD pair.

Till then enjoy.

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Thursday, July 25 2013


It is such a good feeling to get up and see 50 pips profit in your account. By the way, in terms of percentage, it comes to a 10% profit in my trading account in just 2 days. Yeah that is true, I credited my account on Monday.

As I had posted yesterday, the announcements on U.S data will bring the market down or rather it will strengthen the US dollar.

But interestingly, the market went up when the European data was announced 6 hours earlier to the American.

Today, also the market seems to behave more or less the same way as it did yesterday. Hence, the signals for the day will also be similar to the ones as yesterday.

The announcements for the day are as follows:

From 7 am GMT to 8 am GMT, there will be news and announcements from the European Union. The major ones are the figures on the Spanish Unemployment rate; and the other one being an indicator on the Business health of Germany.
The business health from Germany is a leading indicator of economic health. Since businesses react quickly to market conditions and changes in their sentiment can be an early signal of future economic activity such as spending, hiring, and investment.

These announcements cause high impact; I therefore suggest staying away from Scalping, and trading only on taking big pips.

Also, just as yesterday, there is also some big announcement coming from the U.S. at 1 pm GMT. The announcements to look out for are the Core durable goods orders and the Unemployment claims.

Hence, in the midst of these the signals for the day are carefully thought off and are not different than what they were yesterday, plus one more signal.

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3301 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss.
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3251 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3151 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss.

Till then stay happy.

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, July 24 2013


How are you guys. Hope you and your currency trading is both doing wonderful.

Now talking of the market, it did not move much on the last trading day. The entire movement of the market was of 75 pips yesterday. If we analyze the candlestick that formed yesterday, it was of blue colour, suggesting a strong Euro movement.

As I posted earlier this week, the market seems to be returning to the strengthening of the Dollar is proving correct now. Well, well when am I wrong when it comes to predicting the market concerning the EUR/USD pair.

Moreover, today the market is predicted to show some fast paced action. This gets confirmed when you look at the upcoming news and announcements for the day. The entire day is packed with news flashes from the European Union and the U.S.A.

Just for the purpose of sharing the information, European news will start flashing from 7 am GMT, which is any time now; up till 8 am GMT lasting for about an hour.

I am sure it will propel the market to either direction. Therefore, I am strongly against scalping for the day. You will have no idea where the volatility of the market could lead in the wake of such major announcements.

Up further in the day, there will be announcements from the U.S.A. They will be announced at 1 pm GMT. Particularly, the Manufacturing PMI and the New Home Sales data are of major concern. They both will definitely move the market in a big way.

Hence, I come up with the following signals for the day:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3251 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3151 for a profit of 50 pips; no stop loss.

Also, the Sell entry at 1.3201 is still going strong. Although, I have moved the take profit levels so as to minimize the broker commissions.

Will update once the market shows the action, and it affects my trading entries.

Till then you take care, make loads of mullah and have fun.

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Tuesday, July 23 2013

It is the second trading day of this week, and my entry order that I came up with yesterday, got triggered.

Luckily, there is no major news or announcement coming up today; hence there are no surprises for the day.

The EUR/USD pair is not on steroids today; hence no dynamic trends today. Therefore, any direction that it will take during the day will be stable and for longer duration.

As far as the signals for the day are concerned, I am still on with the ones I came up on my last post.

Apart from all this, there is some news that is worth sharing. There is one more forex broker that has come up with a demo broking paltform. If you have been an active trader, then you would know by now which one I am talking about.

Obviously, it is the Netdania. Yes, our very own Netdania, that provides us with their fabulous charts. Now they have come up with a broking platform, which they released in a demo format yesterday.

Also, they are asking for testing their broking platform, called Netstation. If you are interested, you can test it here. I am not really sure if I would go with their broking platform for trading in future, but as of now I am excited for them.

All said and done, their Charts are impeccable; I am sure what ever product they will come up with will be wonderful. Let me know your views on the same.

Till then enjoy and take care.

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, July 22 2013


I am back after my 2 day break on the weekend. I know that I am supposed to come up with some tutorial on the non-trading days, but I just missed updating it this time.

I cannot be held guilty for the same, as I have already mentioned that my mother was at my place; and we were all celebrating her birthday. So, I guess at times such small leniency is worth pardoning.

Since, it is Monday today, so I get back to the business of trading my popular currency, the EUR/USD.

As I see the markets right now, I strongly strongly recommend a short deal from now on.

Below I have inserted Daily and 4H Charts. As you can see both, they indicate a strong decline building up. Hence, I go with shorting from now on.

Hence, my signals are recommended as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3201 for a profit of 50 pips, and surely do keep cover deals from then on, with the same profit strategy. Now talking of a stop loss, no I refrain from putting it now. It is rarest of rare to find such a golden opportunity of having both the Daily and the 4H charts at the same end levels in stochastic.

And a little update on my withdrawals, yes they are done and I am glad to receive more Indian currency than I had put in while trading. All thanks to the upgrading Dollar vis-à-vis the Indian Rupee.

I know it is matter of concern for many, but since I earn in dollars, it serves me well. LOL

Also, there is another update from my end. This particular post of mine is 100th in number of this Trading blog of mine.

I am so happy, wish I get more and more of such landmarks with this blog.

Thanks in advance for everyone and anyone who reads it.

Till then, have a good life and year ahead.

Daily Chart on 22 July 2013
Daily Chart on 22 July 2013

4H Chart on 22 July 2013
4H Chart on 22 July 2013

Trading Signals for Friday, July 19 2013


Hope you all are doing good, as well as your trading account.

Just a little update on my life - It is my mother's birthday today, and she has come over to my place to celebrate it. I baked my lemon cake for her and she loved it. So, as she is here I am actually off trading, that is in fact the reason why I had opted for a withdrawal in my account earlier this week.

Now moving forward with the updates on the market; as I had suggested yesterday, the entry at 1.3101 got triggered, went down till 1.3066 but not till the take profit levels suggested. Hence, it did not close.

Also, another cover order must have got opened at 1.3151. If that cover order would have opened, then it would close at profit at 1.3101 levels.

In any case, I suggest do not keep a stop loss; but you should only do that while maintaining a good margin.

The market has to pull down any time now, for sure. Therefore, going with Short deals will be of advantage.

In a worst case scenario, I presume the market would go up till 1.3201 levels, and if all goes well, it should return from then on.

Only if it breaks from there on to further up, I shall come up with a newer strategy, but just maintain a good margin with your open deals, and it will surely benefit.

Trading Signals for Thursday, July 18 2013


Another update on my withdrawal - My money is initiated from my broker and it should reach my personal account any time soon. Normally it takes 2 days for an entry to be seen as a credit in my account; after it has been released from my broker. So, today will be counted as the first day.

Hence, I should be back to the trading circuit on an active state from Monday or Tuesday, most probably.

I say Tuesday, because till Monday my mother will be at my place, so till the time she is with me, I would like to be off my computer and trading. So, from Tuesday, I will be wholly into practicing what I preach here.

OK, so now moving ahead towards the market sentiments; as I had posted yesterday, the market is up for a big turn down South. And that is well testifying, for the same you just need to look at the charts.

As I see the 4H chart, I feel the market will touch further down.

Hence, the recommendations are as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3101 for a profit of 50 pips, and for the time being no stop loss.

In case the market does not touch the take profit levels; but further brings in higher highs, then you can go with cover orders with the same principles.

But as I envision the market right now, I feel it has the potential to go further down from here.
Also, it is indeed worth mentioning that there are some really major announcements coming up at 12:30 pm GMT hours onwards that will create huge impacts to the EUR/USD pair.
One is the US unemployment claims and the other is the announcement by the Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernake. Both these announcements will together bring a huge impact to the overall market and the currency pairs, since the involved currency is the USD.

As far as my experience goes, it will turn the pair down South, creating a huge strength for the USD.
But obviously I cannot be right all the time, I will update once the market does what I feel for it today, till then you enjoy and take care.
Happy trading and a happy life.

Trading Signals for Wednesday, July 17 2013


Just a quick word update on my own trading - NONE.

I am still waiting for my broker to pass the bucks to my bank account. So, yes today is again a no trading day for me.

Really this withdrawal thingy takes a hug amount of time. 

Now, moving over to the market sentiments of the day; I sense that the market seems undecided for the day.

It is moving a little here and a little there. But ultimately it goes nowhere from where it started at the beginning of this trading day.

As you would know by now, my favourite of all is the 4H chart.

And that one is also not helping me come up with a clear cut signal for the day.

So, I would suggest sticking to the signals that I had come up with yesterday to be a better bet for this day too.

I would update on the outcome, once the market reaches to the level that I have supposed.

Also, I do not expect the market to show any clear cut movement in the either direction till 12:30 pm GMT, when a major announcement is due.

It is the Building permits of the U.S.A; that is one news that would pull or drown the pair along with the another one at 2 pm GMT; which is when the Fed Chairman Ben Bernake would come up with his signatory speech.

In any of the circumstances, I am up for the shorting sessions on the pair, so basically I am just going to wait and watch.

Till then enjoy!

Trading Signals for Tuesday, July 16 2013


I am really happy to post that the signals that I had come up with on my yesterday's post have come true.

The market made my entry open and then it closed at the same take profit levels creating profits of 50 pips.

Though I am off trading, but I am still analyzing and coming up with recommendation strategies for all those who are following my posts.

As I see the market and the corresponding charts today, the 4h charts suggest a run up. But I am really not into believing that the run up will be for long. I am more for the downward trend soon; but of course before that a little move up ahead.

Hence, my recommendations for the day are as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3201 for a profit of 50 pips, and not stop loss

And you can definitely put cover deals at 1.3251 and 1.3301 with the same 50 pips of profit trading principle.

And a little update on my own withdrawal – no, it is not done yet.

I will be back to the trading circuit once I get my profits back to my account.

Till then, keep trading, and keep living.

Trading Signals for Monday, July 15 2013

Good Morning,

Welcome to a new week and a new trading day of this month. As I spoke about my account withdrawal in my last post, so I am off trading.

But then you would be wondering what am I doing right now here on my blog.

Well, well as any trader would know that trading is addictive.

Addictive just the way I am addicted to peanut butter; may be a little more or a little less, but definitely addictive.

So, basically I am trying to say that though I cannot trade right now, but I no one can stop me from not thinking about trading and consequently, coming up with trading signals. 

Hence the signals are as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3051 for a profit of 50 pips, and no need to put a stop loss (trust me);

and a cover up deal at 1.3101 with the same logic. (Trust me)

The market has been showing signs of going down since the last week, and not to mention that was just after the big dynamite leap up.

Well, that is the way market behaves, crazy, and it is this craziness that I love, cause that makes me earn.

LOL Till then you can laugh on that one and anything else that makes you.

Happy Trading

Weekly Roundup on Saturday, Jul 13 2013


It is a no-trading day and I am on a holiday with a cup of coffee and sending a withdrawal request on my forex trading account.

Yes, you read it correct. I kind of developed something like a fatigue, or probably got tired of daily tracking of the market, and therefore thought of taking a break for few days or a week.

No, I do not have some fixed rules for the withdrawals, but I just go for it when I feel tired of trading continuously for days and days.

I actually started trading actively since the 17th of May; and since then I have earned 55% on my investments to be exact.

Come to think of it, that is just in 2 months or even less than 2 months of time, considering it is just 13 of July today.

Now, I am not going to convert that figure corresponding to a year terms, which I know you can do it very well yourself.

I just leave you with a thought of earning that much or even more by following by posts.

Whether you follow or not, but do remain happy and live life to the fullest.

Trading Signals for Friday, July 12 2013


It is Friday, the last trading day of this week. Therefore, as you would know, I am not in for active trading on this day.

But how can I not come up with my analysis of the day on my favourite EUR/USD pair. 

As we saw, the week started with a lower lows, but since Wednesday or the start of Thursday the market scenario just turned to highs and higher highs.

There was a lot of volatility in the market, and since the latter part of Thursday, it is getting to more or less stable.

But what from now on:

Well, well I see a major break-out happening in just half or an hour's time from now. Now how do I know it, well you see I saw the 15 minute chart. To be honest, I am a big believer of 15 minute charts, when it comes to sensing a big break-out.

And if you could observe it now, it is behaving very nice right now in a perfect straight line. I like to call it the lull before the storm situation.

And now coming to another important question: in which direction will the market break-out?
Ah…the answer is a big EITHER.  

But if I have to talk about my feelings and my guts, then it is the upper one only.

Let us all see what happens, and yes talking about the signals, they are as follows:

SELL EUR/USD at 1.3201 for a profit of 50 pips and a forgo losses this time; but yes ensure that you have enough capital/equity/margin in your account to sustain heavy losses.

But I ask you to forgo a stop loss because overall the direction of this pair is going to be in down South.

Come back to this post in 6 months, and leave a comment if/if not that happens.

Till then enjoy and be happy.

Trading Signals for Thursday, July 11 2013


I am so happy to post that all my open orders have closed in profits. The FOMC speech really proved good for me.

The open order at 1.2799 closed with a profit of 50 pips at 1.2850 levels. This particular deal evened out all the losses that I made on Tuesday. So, now I am back on no profit and no loss situation.

Moving way ahead, as I had suggested in my last posts in this week, I knew that the market would go up, and it has gone up.

Now the way forward, I am awaiting the Unemployment claims of the U.S. That is one news that will be announced at 12:30 pm that could be the game changer. Either the market will go further up or it will stoop low, erasing all the gains that it accumulated in just 12 hours back.

Either ways, cannot comment. but what I do know is that I can keep entry orders, so they are as follows;

Sell Eur/Usd at 1.3201 and 1.3251 for a profit of 50 pips and a loss of 100.

Till then, just wait and watch and do not forgot to live and enjoy life.

Trading Signals for Wednesday, July 10 2013


With a heavy heart I admit that my long entry at 1.2899 closed by hitting the stop loss at 1.2799. That makes a loss of 100 pips.

So as of now, my overall trading account is on a loss of 50 pips in this week.

The market went real low yesterday; the bears were on a active spree yesterday. This caused my long entry to close with a loss.

Do not know why the market is stuck at the low levels since so long. As I see the charts right now, since the 20th of June, the daily charts have been on a low. Now we are on the second week of July, and it is still stuck there.

Anyway, it is high time now that the market starts going upwards slowly. But when or how soon it is going to happen, that we need to wait and watch.

Currently, the market is moving side-ways; neither up nor down. That happens when the sellers and the buyers both are unsure as to what will happen next in the market.

Going by the Daily charts, market should move up anytime soon.

Also, when I see the news to be announced for the day, at 5 pm GMT, the FOMC meeting as well as the 10 year bond auctions will be announced. Both are high impact causing news. The effect of these could cause volatility and dynamism in the EUR/USD pair.

One should just wait and watch the upcoming moves in the market.

Now coming to the signals:

I have kept a by entry deal as a cover up for the existing at 1.2749 for a profit of 50 pips and a loss of 100.

Will post the outcome tomorrow, till then enjoy and have a good life!!

Trading Signals for Tuesday, July 09 2013


I am happy to post that one of my deal that I accidentally bought at 1.2818 closed with a profit of 50 pips at 1.2868 levels.

Accidental buy because though I had kept the entry order at 1.2849 levels, but due to the volatility in the market, my order did not execute at that price.

So, I bought the Eur/Usd at whatever levels I could at the moment I logged into my trading account.

Moreover, after the Draghi speech yesterday, the market spiked upwards causing my deal to close in green.

Currently, I still have an long entry order open. It is in losses currently, since I bought it at 1.2899 levels.

I do not know when will it close, that too whether in profit or loss, but till it touches the either sides I really cannot say much.

Also, I have moved the take profit levels for this particular deal by few pips, so that I do not end up losing profits in commissions.

Now coming up with the signals for the day:
Looking at the Daily charts, I think the market has an upswing. Therefore, I have kept an entry order for Sell as follows:

Sell Eur/Usd at 1.2951 for a profit of 50 pips and a stop loss of 100 pips.

If the market reaches till that level, definitely my existing open order will close at a profit.

Now, coming to scalping, the day is perfect for it; as there no major news being announced on this day.

So, one can make use of it, just follow my instructions carefully, else things could get messy.

Till then have a happy trading day and a life ahead.

Trading Signals for Monday, July 08 2013


Welcome to the first trading day of the second week of this month.

As of now my trades have just missed closing with a stop loss.

My long entry orders triggered at 1.2899 and 1.2849 levels are still on.

They might close with a stop loss or with the take profit levels; all depends upon the result of the European Conference meetings that will happen during the entire day.

Also, at 12:30 pm GMT, there is speech by Draghi Uncle.

All depends upon what he talks then.

Depending on what he talks, my account will either gain or lose.

But what do I think?

I think my account is going to gain. Looking at the 4h and Day charts, my trading intuition tells me that the Eur/Usd is going to go up.

Hence, a gain in my account.

And now coming up to the signals part:

No. no more trades till the existing ones close. But I do have a cover up trade at 1.2799 only in case the market goes downward.

Will update the outcome tomorrow, till then enjoy !!!

Trading Signals for Friday, July 05 2013


I am again short of time today. I am still celebrating my birthday post my birthday.

So, again going short and direct in this post.

As I posted yesterday, ECB announcement, Draghi uncle opened his mouth, and there went the Eur/Usd falling.

And that triggered my BUY entry at 1.2899. After that it did well going way upwards, but did not go as up as I had wanted it to.

Had it gone, I would have made 50 pips at 1.2950.

Nevertheless, I am expecting it to go up today; but if does not, then it will end up in 100 pips losses at 1.2799.

Coming to scalping, do it only before 12 pm GMT, before the Non-farm employment data gets announced.

Now coming to the signals part:

I suggest keeping an entry order at 1.2849 for a stop loss of 100 pips and a gain of 50 pips.

Till then have a good time...

Trading Signals for Thursday, July 04 2013


I know I have to post today even if I take an off to be with my family. What can I do, it is my birthday today.

So, I am keeping things short and direct.

Since ECB Press conference is on its way, so the volatility is also on its big way.

Hence, I stick to my recommendations as they were yesterday.

And yeah please stay away from scalping, or rather stay away from trading if the dynamism in the market scares you.

There is still time to catch up tomorrow.

But all said and done, the market should be going up anytime now, as per my analysis.

If not, be stringent with the 100 pips stop loss.

Till then wish me a happy birthday and a great trading day and overall a great year and time ahead !!!

Trading Signals for Wednesday, July 03 2013


Now comes the trading day of the week which promises to bring in some drama. Of course drama, considering that the past two days has been calm.

This upcoming tussle in the Eur/Usd pair is confirmed with the slew of important and high impact creating news that will be announced in the day.

So, now you know for sure that this day is definitely not good for scalping. If done, it is very probable to end up in losses as the market is bound to behave chaotic and dynamic.

Therefore, if not scalping, then it is the best time to go in for deals with bigger pips closing in profits.

Hence, getting straight ahead to the bigger pips strategy, I focused on my favourite 4H charts with my favourite indicators.

To me it seems that the indicators suggest that the pair is in for a low before it starts rising up again.

Therefore, I come up with the following entries:

Buy EUR/USD at 1.2899 for a profit of 50 pips and a strict stop loss of 100 pips.

Also, a little look on the important news coming today that could be effecting our trading as follows:

·         Unemployment claims
·         Non-manufacturing PMI

Hope you make some winning pips after reading this post.
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Trading Signals for Tuesday, July 02 2013

A 'bear' trend where the market is continually...

Today it is the second day of the trading week in this new month and till now I have not gone either long or short in a big way.

That is because the 4H chart itself seems indecisive right now.

And as you would know by now, I stay away from shaky trading and shaky signals as well.

Therefore, I am still continuing with the wait and watch strategy today too.

By saying that I do not intend to say that one should not trade at all.

All I mean to say is I am not going in for taking larger pips like the 50 and above like I normally recommend.

I have gone through the news forecast as well. And looking at it, it suggests that today also it is going to be a smooth day as far as the EUR/USD market is concerned.

If you know me and my trading pattern, then you know that I would be utilizing the side-ways moving market trend by getting into scalping.

Absence of no new major news forecast coming up in the day is always an excellent opportunity for getting into maximizing big profits in big sized deals by closing in small pips.

Just remember by scalping rules and make up or gain as much pips as you can.

Have a happy trading day and a life ahead.

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Trading Signals for Monday, July 01 2013

Purchasing Managers Index 1948 to 2008

Welcome to a new month, with a new week and also a new trading day.

I am not coming up with any new recommendations for today, considering it is just a Monday; and also the 4h chart is not showing anything definite. Hence, my earlier recommendations that I gave last week can be cancelled in today's scenario.

Though it is an almost no big trading day, but it is rather a good day for scalping.

I say so also because there is no big news coming today, except for the ISM manufacturing PMI.

This news will be coming at 2 pm GMT on this day. That is one news that can make you avoid your scalping half and hour before and after its release.

It is because such important heavy weight news could heavily affect your scalping deals.

Hence, I always advise to follow news whenever you are on with scalping.

Apart from that it is just a day to wait and watch to come up with a long term strategy tomorrow.

Till then have a happy day and life ahead !!!

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