Post 100 Trading Days since the Challenge

So, the day finally arrived. I had not envisioned reaching any day here and writing this post on the successful completion of my 100 Trading days challenge.

What is most important is that I completed it with my discipline and sheer determination.

Without doing any emotional siyappa, I get straight to numbers.

The 100 trading days challenge started on 2nd of Februry 2015 and ended on 22nd June 2015. Till then the entire summary of my trading account is as follows:

37 closed in Losses
17 closed in Profits
  4 closed in neither profit/loss

This in theory marks my profit % to 70.

But in reality, I have made 114% in profits.

If  you have been following me on this blog,  you would know my theory behind this.

I have also pasted my account in real time in image as below:

100 Trading Days Challenge - 24 June

So, finally I have done it. I made $227 out of $200 in less than 6 months. 
Though only 58 out of 100 Trading signals got triggered. But still overall I am satisfied with my performance. 

Now waiting for the rest of the deals to get triggered as well, which is 42.

Moreover, I have started off with the next 100 Trading Days challenge, which started off from the 23rd of this month.

All the details are there on my Twitter. 

Happy Trading!!

Post 92 Trading Days since the Challenge

Ok. So it has been a long time since I have spoken about my trading activities. The last when I did was on the 20th of May. Today it is 10th of June and it is difficult to believe that 92 Trading days have passed.
Out of which, 56 signals have triggered. That means 36 signals till today have not triggered. Though considering the entire 100 trading days, 44 are yet left.
Since the last post update, 10 more trades got triggered. 6 of them closed in losses, while 3 got profits, while one got none.
The summary of the entire account till date is as follows:
36 closed in Losses
16 closed in Profits
  4 closed in neither profit/loss
On paper it seems to be a 60% on my initial investment of 200$. But every one knows by now that I move my take profit levels a little to cover up for the broker margins. So, actually I am on 100% profit margin. It means that I have gained 200$ profit by investing 200$ in a period of 92 Trading days. 
I started this 100 Days trading challenge on the 2nd of February and today it is 10th of June. 
Not bad, I must say.
I have attached the activity on my account from the 15th of May till date. Do have a look.
Let me know if you wish to know more on my trading style.
Till then Good Bye and Good Luck.
100 Days Trading Challenge - 92 days

Post 77 Trading Days since the Challenge

So I am back again. Back with another set of great news!

My trading account is now on a profit % of 69. That in terms of pure number means $138 (I started with Principal amount of $200 on 2nd of February this year). Hence, my equity stands to $338.

In the meanwhile since my last update of 65 Trading days since the challenge; 14 more trades got activated. The summary of which is as below:

7 closed in Losses
4 closed in Profits
3 closed in neither profit/loss

And overall the scenario for my account is as below:

30 closed in Losses
13 closed in Profits
  3 closed in neither profit/loss

That means out of 77 Trading signals, 46 got activated till now. As of now, there is a scope of 54 more trades to get activated.

This week I made a gain of $50 (Profit is 3 times the loss) and waiting to make much more till all the rest of the signals get activated.

I have attached the snapshot of my account balance at the bottom of the page.

More on my 100 Trading days challenge can be read here.

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100 Trading Days Challenge - 20 May 2015

Post 65 Trading Days since the Challenge

To say that the last 2 weeks have been eventful would be an understatement. The last post that I wrote was on the 1st of April. Till then I had lived 55 Trading days, with 22 trigger rate.
By today, it is 65 Trading days, with 32 trigger rate. It indeed makes me excited. Moreover, it doubles the excitement to state that finally I am in profits!
The last update had a composition of 19 loss making deals and the rest 3 as winning ones.
And this post has the following update in statistics since then:
23 loss making
8 winning
1 still undecided
Now let us move over to the Green back scenario:
Till the last post, losses were 50%. Though today, the GAINS are 5% in theory, but in reality the profit is almost 22%.
The difference in the theory Vs. reality is because I even out the recurring broker commissions from the trading account. The days when the open trade lingers on to 2 -3 trading days, I increase the take profit levels. More on that strategy is here.
Apart from the deals that closed, there is one deal that is still open. It is one that signaled on 57th Trading day for buying at 1174.81.  I increased its take profit levels which are not yet reached. Thus, it is still open. It may close after reaching take profit levels, but will not close in loss. It is because I increased its stop loss levels to break-even levels.
I will update on my twitter once it closes, irrespective of profit or no loss. Till then enjoy in the profits, if only you were following my 100 Days trading strategy.
Also find the proof below in the image:

4th May 2015 - #100 TradingDaysChallenge

The red-marked portion is where the last gain was as published in the last update.

Post 55 Trading Days since the Challenge

It is 20th of April 2015 today, and I am glad that I have passed 55 trading days since the challenge. At the first instance I never thought I would have the inclination to write till here. But this post is a proof that I have finally done it.
Getting straight to the numbers; it has been 55 trading days till today.
If one were to consider 5 trading days per week, then till today it should have been 56 days. But somewhere during the good Friday day, the commodities trading was on halt. Thus, that lead to one day less, and hence the number 55.
Of these 55 trading days, I posted every trade on twitter that I had kept as a limit one. Of those 55, only 22 got triggered. Of those 22, 3 closed reaching the profit levels, leaving the rest 19 as losses. Comparing 3 to 22 seems odd, but with respect to profit and loss, things are not that bad.
If you have been following my blog for some time, then you must be aware of my trading strategy. My profit levels are 3 times to that of my loss levels. Hence, my account has 100$ in losses, even when the number of loss deals is 19. I invested 200$ for the current trading plan, out of which 100$ is at a loss. That leaves the same amount, which is 100$ left for trading.

As of now there are 33 more limit deals in my account that can trigger any day. Adding to that there are 45 more fresh deals that are upcoming. I will keep them posted on my twitter. As of now I am posting the snapshot of my account in real time since the 15th of March till today.

Post 55 Trading Days since the Challenge - My Trading Journal

Post 25 Trading Days since the Challenge


It is 8th of March 2015 for me today. This date tells me that 25 Trading days have passed since the day I started on my epic 100 Trading days challenge. Just recapping that starting February this year, I started a journal on my trading on the Gold with a mere principle of 50$. As I was about to lose it completely, I re-invested 50$ into my account. This was till my last update on the 13 trading days since starting this challenge.

Now a good quarter of time has passed; hence I am here with my update.

I have again lost 90% of my money; that means I am only left with 10$ in my account; actually 9$ since one of the deal could not be closed at the specified stop loss due to volatile market conditions.

Anyway, the crux of the matter is that I will have to again fund my account with another 50$; which I shall do tomorrow.

To sum up my deals, here is the breakdown:

Losses: 12
Gain   :   1
Null    :  0

This means out of 100$ dollar invested; I gained 30$ and lost 120$, so the sum total is 10$ (approx) remaining in my account.

In terms of Sell Vs. Buy deals, I lost all the Buy deals except one till date. And obviously none of the Sell deals triggered till date.

Hence, out of 25 Limit entries,  13 were of BUY, while 12 were SELL entries. All 13 are exhausted, now only 12 Sell entries are remaining.

On an average, for the 5 weeks that have passed since starting this activity, on an average each week had a trigger rate of 2.6 entries, although the major events happened in the last week.

I am planning to come up with the list of all the Limit entries in a chronological order. Shall update on that soon.

As of now I have posted the snapshot of my Closed deals as on today.

Post 25 Trading Days since the Challenge
Post 25 Trading Days since the Challenge

Do let me know if there is any concern regarding all this. All that I can say is things will better up in the coming weeks for sure.


Post 13 Trading Days since the Challenge


It has been 13 Trading days since I started with 100 Trading Days Challenge on the 2nd of this month. I therefore thought of publishing an update to the stuff that has happened since then.

Here it goes:

1.     It has been 17 days since I first opened a deal on the Monday, 2nd of February this year.
2.     In those 17 days, I put in 13 limit orders.
3.     I went by my philosophy of Buying and Selling Trades on alternative days.
4.     Out of 13 limit trades; 5 got triggered.
5.     All those 5 closed touching the stop loss of 5 pips.
6.     All those loss making deals were BUY ones.
7.     I re-invested 50 dollars into my account as I had run out of initial equity of 50 dollars.
8.     Currently I am at 50 dollars which means I have lost 50% of my entire equity.

Now comes the important part.


Keep following my Trading Signals on Twitter and just wait for the system to turn to your favor.

And anytime please get in touch with me for any concerns.

Also uploaded the real-time view of my Trading account.

My Trading Account after 13 Trading Days

100 Trading Days Challenge

It is a big HELLO since it has been a long while that I have updated anything here. I have been busy as usual doing a lot of stuff in my life (as usual).

All this while I earned a lot of money with my usual trading plan and therefore had been chilling in my life. All this while I wrote few articles, created stuff and cooked food and had lots of that cooked food.

Along this while I kept on receiving mails of people who follow this blog and also my related Twitter profile.

Most of the mails had the same concern, which is How to Go About Trading ?

This kind of question always perplexs me, cause I have been listing my trades and philosophy on trading on a regular basis on this blog, but still people find it difficult to trade.

Hence, I thought of putting a little ease to this concern.

That is when I came up with my  100 Trading Days Challenge plan.

Although the name says it all, but if I were to summarize in a sentence, then it is the "100 days of trading leading to a determined set target of Profit. "

Again I can get into bits and pieces of explaining that particular summary into a detailed post, which I shall surely do in days to come. But for the current time scenario, I am keeping things simple and so the one liner summary is sufficient.

Now a few pointers regarding this 100 Days Trading Plan.

  1.      This plan debunks the popular myth that Currency Trading is only for the biggies. Small time retail      investors just lose money. Just for the records, I have invested a mere 50$ into my trading account.
  2.      Since I have invested a small amount, so I am sticking to just the Commodity trading with the ever      so popular shining GOLD. My trading broker allows 2 units of trading it, so it works out fine with        my current deposits.
  3.      I go with the Limit orders every day, so within 100 Trading Days I would have 100 limit orders in        my account.
  4.      I go with both BUY and SELL options on alternate days that is one on each day.
  5.      It is very likely that by the end of this 100 Trading Days, many of the limit orders might not have          executed. 
  6.      My current goal is to generate a minimum of 3 times my initial Principal amount. Hence, by the end      of this challenge, I should have 150$ in my account.
  7.      By my current strategy, I can take about 5 consecutive losses before my account gets to                      completely zilch. In that scenario or if anything similar comes up in the future during the course of          this challenge, then I shall fortify my account with another 50$.   
  8.      I shall be posting my limit orders by about half past 12 PM IST either here or on my twitter.
  9.      If anyone is with me following this plan, I urge you to stick to it, because it actually works.
  10.      If you are a novice trader, then seriously stay away from this challenge as you will not understand      a thing and in that scenario you are going to lose money and then I am seriously not responsible.                                 
Apart from this if there is any clarity required on this, please get back to me on the comments section below this post.

And I have updated my today's limit order on my twitter. Do have a look.

Since we all live in this insecure World, I insist on proofs, and hence provide one even when not asked. The image inserted is what I am talking about. Do not worry on the pending bonus thingy, that is the added perk I get from my trader for trading with them.

Good Luck!
My Account on Day 1 of 100 Trading Days Challenge. #aditinforex

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