Post 77 Trading Days since the Challenge

So I am back again. Back with another set of great news!

My trading account is now on a profit % of 69. That in terms of pure number means $138 (I started with Principal amount of $200 on 2nd of February this year). Hence, my equity stands to $338.

In the meanwhile since my last update of 65 Trading days since the challenge; 14 more trades got activated. The summary of which is as below:

7 closed in Losses
4 closed in Profits
3 closed in neither profit/loss

And overall the scenario for my account is as below:

30 closed in Losses
13 closed in Profits
  3 closed in neither profit/loss

That means out of 77 Trading signals, 46 got activated till now. As of now, there is a scope of 54 more trades to get activated.

This week I made a gain of $50 (Profit is 3 times the loss) and waiting to make much more till all the rest of the signals get activated.

I have attached the snapshot of my account balance at the bottom of the page.

More on my 100 Trading days challenge can be read here.

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100 Trading Days Challenge - 20 May 2015

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