Trading Signals for Thursday, June 06 2013

Wow, another day and another closed deal on a profit.

My long deal on 1.2799 closed with 300+ pips at 1.3119 levels.

Now my cumulatibe profits since last month's 17th are 575 winning pips, and yeah not a single losing pips.

I think that is great.

Now coming to a round up on my open pips.

The long one at 1.2849 is still going strong. I am a little confused on that one, cause I suspect the market to go down now as the US Non-farm payroll data arrives tomorrow; and that could cause the market to behave shaky and unpredictable. Although if I was asked to take a guess, I would have replied, I really do not know. It is so because there seems to be a clash between the 4H and the Day chart and the Week and month charts.

Tomorrow only I would be able to come up with something. Considering my 575 pips gain, now the market is allowed to go anywhere, cause it wont make much of a difference to me. Both the directions will make me gain more. LOL. I really got nothing to lose.

Following are the Entry orders waiting to be triggered:

Buy EUR/USD at 1.2949  and Sell at 1.3151.

Happy Trading....

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