Post 77 Trading Days since the Challenge

So I am back again. Back with another set of great news!

My trading account is now on a profit % of 69. That in terms of pure number means $138 (I started with Principal amount of $200 on 2nd of February this year). Hence, my equity stands to $338.

In the meanwhile since my last update of 65 Trading days since the challenge; 14 more trades got activated. The summary of which is as below:

7 closed in Losses
4 closed in Profits
3 closed in neither profit/loss

And overall the scenario for my account is as below:

30 closed in Losses
13 closed in Profits
  3 closed in neither profit/loss

That means out of 77 Trading signals, 46 got activated till now. As of now, there is a scope of 54 more trades to get activated.

This week I made a gain of $50 (Profit is 3 times the loss) and waiting to make much more till all the rest of the signals get activated.

I have attached the snapshot of my account balance at the bottom of the page.

More on my 100 Trading days challenge can be read here.

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100 Trading Days Challenge - 20 May 2015

Post 65 Trading Days since the Challenge

To say that the last 2 weeks have been eventful would be an understatement. The last post that I wrote was on the 1st of April. Till then I had lived 55 Trading days, with 22 trigger rate.
By today, it is 65 Trading days, with 32 trigger rate. It indeed makes me excited. Moreover, it doubles the excitement to state that finally I am in profits!
The last update had a composition of 19 loss making deals and the rest 3 as winning ones.
And this post has the following update in statistics since then:
23 loss making
8 winning
1 still undecided
Now let us move over to the Green back scenario:
Till the last post, losses were 50%. Though today, the GAINS are 5% in theory, but in reality the profit is almost 22%.
The difference in the theory Vs. reality is because I even out the recurring broker commissions from the trading account. The days when the open trade lingers on to 2 -3 trading days, I increase the take profit levels. More on that strategy is here.
Apart from the deals that closed, there is one deal that is still open. It is one that signaled on 57th Trading day for buying at 1174.81.  I increased its take profit levels which are not yet reached. Thus, it is still open. It may close after reaching take profit levels, but will not close in loss. It is because I increased its stop loss levels to break-even levels.
I will update on my twitter once it closes, irrespective of profit or no loss. Till then enjoy in the profits, if only you were following my 100 Days trading strategy.
Also find the proof below in the image:

4th May 2015 - #100 TradingDaysChallenge

The red-marked portion is where the last gain was as published in the last update.
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