Trading Signals for Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today happens to be the second trading day of the week, and also the last trading day of the Month, but I still have not opened a single order for the day. It is because I am yet to witness a sharp trading signal for any of my favourite trading pairs.

Firstly, if I talk of the Eur/Usd, going by the 4 hour chart, a bearish trend seems to be forming. It can only be confirmed in few more hours from now. I am expecting the levels to reach somewhere up to the ranges of 1.2900 so that I can start a buy trade from there on. I know that the price very unlikely to go lower and lower, cause from the monthly charts, a bullish pattern has started showing up.

Also talking of the commodities, I seriously stay away from the allure of Gold. The said metal creates more holes in pocket than the midas touch it is known to bring on.

Though lately I have been thinking of buying Silver, since one of my brokers charges really less a margin for the same. For the same also I am waiting a little drop, then I might take a buy call.

Happy Trading...

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Today is a no trading day, but I am still here posting something. There was something going on my mind past few weeks. It was regarding the erratic ways the bling commodities were behaving.

I mean the ever popular Gold and Silver. They both have been going a downhill since past few months, but just a fortnight back, they both just went straight down South, and that too very very quickly.

I know everywhere around people will call that an opportunity, as they both are considered to be the safe havens.

Indeed they are, but to tell you a fact, they both are not meant to be traded on the Forex market.

Not that they do not go up or appreciate, but the reality is that they do not follow much of the rules that the major currency pairs follow.

Firstly, they both require a very high margin, which automatically exposes your account to a risk of losing much or all of your deposits.

Yes, they both go up and down a lot, and with their even very small movements in either of the direction leads to a big loss or gain.

The point here I am trying to make is that the most popular forex indicators like the Elliot Wave Theory and the Stochastics do not follow the same basic principles that they do for the other major currency pairs.

Menaing is simple and clear, the most popular theory that I follow for the trading on Eur/Usd of 3:1 profit vs. loss can be a real dud when it comes to the metals.

I feel metals are a good investment when dealt in tangible or the paper state, but a big no-no if it is the Forex. One is bound to lose more when trading with them.

So my funda is that retail investors should stay away from these.


Trading Signals for Wednesday, April 23, 2013


Just a few time back I thought that the market was about to drop down and may be, just a little may be my entry order at 1.2899 would get triggered. But that did not happen, till now in this week it has not happened.

Anyway, my entry order is set for the EUR/USD pair, all I need to do is wait for the right price entry to get long for the pair.

Also with my other trading broker, I am heavily into going long on the Silver. Since, the Gold requires a lot of margin and hence the capital for that, so I have not entered into it, though starting from the second week of the coming month, it is set to speed up North for good. The upcoming Akshaya Trithiya plays a major role in that.

But I am staying away from that metal and instead with the Silver, more so because my other broker, mainly Bforex asks for a very little margin for trading in that.

Anyway, Happy Trading !!!!

Trading Signals for Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I know I have not posted since a long time, probably it has been more than a week before that I posted anything here.

The reason is that I took a break from trading in the EUR/USD since that time.

As the opened entries had been open for more than a time frame of 15 days, so I closed them in whatever profits I had that time.

Precisely, it was +600 pips in the 2 long trades, and +50 pips through the short trades.

Actually, there was a profit of +200 pips, but I sadly made a loss of 150 pips, so the mere addition of 50 pips.

Anyway, I then made a request for the withdrawal to my broker, and since then I have been waiting for the pair to get to the levels I have been waiting for to get fresh with another round of long orders.

Precisely, at 1.2899...Let us wait and watch that together...

Trading Signals for Thursday, April 11, 2013


I want to apologize for not posting yesterday. I updated one of my entries and also opened 2 new ones as well. But just could not post it yesterday.

So, now I am here to rectify that mistake of mine.

Firstly, my first opened long entry crossed the 300 pips mark, therefore, I moved the stop loss to 1.2849.

Hence, in a worst case scenario my loss would be a profit of 100 pips.

Also, since the 300 pip mark was crossed and also the Stochastic studies showed that the Day chart has been on the overbought area for quite some time, so I ended up opening 2 really short short orders.

They are 2 in all, one at 1.3051 and the other at 1.3101.

Both had a stop loss of 150 pips and a take profit of 50 pips.

P.S: Since the latter opened one at 1.3101 crossed the 50 pips mark and the daily Stochastic is still in the over bought region, I moved the take profit for this particular entry to another 50 pips at 1.3001.

So, as of now the the Take Profit levels for both my "Short Short" entries is at the same level of 1.3001.

Please note that the Stop Loss for both the new short entries is not relaxed, it remains at the same levels of 150 pips for each.


Trading Signals for Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I did not need to post yesterday, cause there was absolutely no change in my open long orders. Though today I had to, cause I made a minor change to one of my entry orders.

The previous entry order, since it crossed the 300 pips mark in profits, therefore, I moved the stop loss for the same by 50 pips.

So, now summarizing the scenarios for my open orders:

In a profit scenario, I would make a profit of 1200 pips;
in a loss one, I would be making a profit of 50 pips.

Yeah, this is the consolidation for both the orders.

Hope you are also making profits with me, do let me know if you have any questions for me.


Trading Signals for Friday, April 05, 2013


So today for both the entries the stop loss as well as the take profit levels changed. As I had expected yesterday, the bullish trend had started forming. The trend got firm when the U.S. data released with a poor result. It lead to a big loss for the USD, which actually worked in my favor. The EUR/USD pair saw a big leap.

Since, both the entries crossed the 200 pips profit, so I moved the stop loss levels to the point where the entries got opened. Also, the take profit levels were further stretched to +300 pips, making the current take profit levels for each to 600 pips, thereby making the total take profit to 1200 pips as a combined profit.

Though in a worst case scenario, the loss would be nil (+ the broker commission).

Hoping to see a positive scenario on Monday when the market re-opens.

Happy Weekend!!

Trading Signals for Thursday, April 04, 2013


It is my first post for the current month of April. Also my first post since last 8 days in a row.
And if you have been following my trading pattern along with the market, then you already know what made me post today.

Yeah, today in so many days my account has seen some activity, and that too in a positive stride.

Firstly, after the release of Unemployment claims data of the US, the market went down only to zoom through creating the trigger of opening my entry order at 1.2749.

Also, it is for the first time that I am about to roll over my stop loss for the same order in just a span of 12 hours.

I had almost rolled over the stop loss to the same opening level, but fell short by 1 pip. The market as of now has only touched the 1.2948 levels. Had it surpassed the 1.2949 mark, I would have made the stop loss at 1.2749. That would have made no loss on the same order. The logic is simple, for every 100 pips, I move the initial stop loss by 50 pips.

Also, the earlier opened long order of 1.2799 has also seen a shift of its stop loss from initial levels of 1.2699 to 1.2749, since the levels crossed the 100 pip mark for this particular entry as well.

Hope this is the end of the bear run for sometime at least, or till the time I recover from my losses.

Happy Trading and a Happy Life!!!
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