Trading Signals for Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Today happens to be the second trading day of the week, and also the last trading day of the Month, but I still have not opened a single order for the day. It is because I am yet to witness a sharp trading signal for any of my favourite trading pairs.

Firstly, if I talk of the Eur/Usd, going by the 4 hour chart, a bearish trend seems to be forming. It can only be confirmed in few more hours from now. I am expecting the levels to reach somewhere up to the ranges of 1.2900 so that I can start a buy trade from there on. I know that the price very unlikely to go lower and lower, cause from the monthly charts, a bullish pattern has started showing up.

Also talking of the commodities, I seriously stay away from the allure of Gold. The said metal creates more holes in pocket than the midas touch it is known to bring on.

Though lately I have been thinking of buying Silver, since one of my brokers charges really less a margin for the same. For the same also I am waiting a little drop, then I might take a buy call.

Happy Trading...
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