Trading Signals on Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gold Medal in Metal
Gold Medal in Metal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hi, I know there has been a dearth of updates from my end; and as usual I am so sorry.

In the meanwhile, while I was away, I opened 2 deals in the month of September. Both were of Gold metal and both closed after hitting a Stop Loss.

Just to mention here, one was bought at 1251.84 and the other at 1261.61 levels. Now if one gets to post-analyze these, then I did a very good thing by being adamant on my Stop-loss policy.

I say so because the market went really low after that and slipped to 1243 levels yesterday. Today where it will go I do not know, so I come with following signals for the day, after my thorough per-analysis.

Trading Signal:1 for Sep 11/14: Buy XAU/USD at 1229.6, SL:1224.6, TP:1244.6
Trading Signal:2 for Sep 11/14: Buy XAU/USD at 1219.6, SL:1209.6, TP:1249.6
Trading Signal:3 for Sep 11/14: Sell XAU/USD at 1266.49, SL:1271.49, TP:1251.49
Trading Signal:4 for Sep 11/14: Sell XAU/USD at 1276.49, SL:1266.49, TP:1246.49

Also, I have updates for the EUR/USD:

Trading Signal:5 for Sep 11/14: Buy EUR/USD at 1.2849, SL:1.2799, TP:1.2999
Trading Signal:6 for Sep 11/14: Sell EUR/USD at 1.2951, SL:1.3001, TP:1.2801

Hope you get to make profits through any of these, and get back if you need any help understanding them.


P.S: I also got 3 open deals on the EUR/USD as below:

Buy EUR/USD at 1.2899, SL:1.2849, TP:1.3050
Buy EUR/USD at 1.2899, SL:1.2874, TP:1.3052
Sell EUR/USD at 1.2951, SL:1.2976, TP:1.2799

Trading Signals for XAU/USD on Wednesday, September 03, 2014

English: Higher Grounds Trading Company logo
English: Higher Grounds Trading Company logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am so sorry, I missed out posting yesterday, and it so happened that I got to open a deal yesterday and also got to close another one. I so regret being tired yesterday, else I certainly would have come up with my daily trading signals on Gold i.e. XAU/USD pair.

So, anyway, for this month of September, I have 1 open long deal right now, that opened yesterday when the market suddenly crashed. Also, the carry forwarded deal from August finally closed with a 2 dollar profit. I know it is very very less compared to the profit that I was garnering a week back on it. But I cannot help it, I am little too strict on not bending from my forex rules. But in a way, it is all good till deals close in an overall profit.

Moreover today, I have had a good sleep so my signals are also here as follows:

Trading Signal:1 for Sep 03/14: Buy XAU/USD at 1249.2, SL:1244.2, TP:1264.2
Trading Signal:2 for Sep 03/14: Buy XAU/USD at 1239.2, SL:1229.2, TP:1269.2
Trading Signal:3 for Sep 03/14: Sell XAU/USD at 1284.55, SL:1289.55, TP:1269.55
Trading Signal:4 for Sep 03/14: Sell XAU/USD at 1294.55, SL:1304.55, TP:1264.55

And the details of the existing open deal:
Buy XAU/USD at 1266.65, SL: 1261.65, TP: 1282.65

Happy Trading !!

Trading Signals for XAU/USD on Monday, September 01, 2014

English: Gold Bars At Grand Emperor Casion in ...
English: Gold Bars At Grand Emperor Casion in Macau (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hi, it is a new month and it is a co-incidence that it starts on a Monday, that means a Trading day. Please find my signals for the day, which are in embedded tweet mode as follows:

My account post Aug 2014

Image used to convey the idea of currency conv...
Image used to convey the idea of currency conversion (originally from en.wikipedia). The signs are (clockwise from top-left): dollar, euro, pound, shekel, đồng, yen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just thought of including my state of the Forex account as on today, i.e. post August trading, which is as follows:

All over in the month of August I ended up opening 3 trades.

1. One closed with a loss of 5 pips.
2. One closed with a gain of 15 pips.
3. Third is still open with a as-of-now gain of 10 pips.

So, overall the realized gain for the month of August has been 10 pips; and being converted into percentage it becomes a gain of 20%.

Considering a time span of a mere 30 days, it is a very good growth figure, but measuring it up to my own standards of growth measurement, it is a loss. I say so because I am used to making a minimum of 100% growth in a month. But nevertheless, the growth is always positive.

Now coming to the learning part :

I feel I could have closed the yet-to-close deal when it went to 1296 levels, but I did not. I was kind of taken away by the going-a-little-longer on the deal emotion. If that would have happened, then I would have crossed a 60% growth on the month of August. But now there is no point discussing that.

So, as of now I am entering the month of September with an open carry forward deal from August; and will publish the signals as and when I spot them.

Stay tuned!!!  

Trading Signals for XAU/USD on Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gold Bond trading stamps were dispensed in str...
Gold Bond trading stamps were dispensed in strips at the time of purchase and pasted into books for saving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Please find the signals of the day as follows:

Also the updates for the existing open deal:

Trading Signals for XAU/USD on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Emiri Miyasaka
Emiri Miyasaka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Please find the signals for the day:

Also, for the ongoing open deal:

P.S: The auto-Zemanta signalled an apt picture for signal. lol

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello people,

I know I have been absconding for a long time, a month to be precise. But I can explain that. I have recently got a lot of projects and therefore I am really short of time to post real analytical posts here. But nevertheless, I have always been efficient in posting the deals that I open or close on my twitter.

So, I have not been inefficient in coming up with the signals, but yes I have been less proactive in coming up with the analysis.

So, now today that I have some time in hand, so I thought of writing down few analysis for the week.

Firstly, talking of my favourite pair, the EUR/USD. So, it has been a while that it has not fallen like cats and dogs, so a fall is pretty much anticipated, for sure. But in the right now current scenario, the trend seems a little unclear. I mean looking at my favourite time graph, 4-H chart, I am clueless. It might go up, or it would come down falling. Therefore, in this state of uncertainty, I am going slow and steady. My signals for the day for the pair are as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3701 for a profit of 20 pips, and no loss for the time being. Though I do not recommend this for anyone inexperienced, cause it requires a basic and firm understanding along with a good sizable amount of margin.

Now coming to the glittering Gold, I strongly feel that it is going to crash anytime soon. I therefore recommend selling it for sure. So, I have put in 2 deals for the same, both of low risk low reward strategy.

So, here I have 2 short deals for Gold, one at 1246 and the other at 1251.

For both I have no set stop loss, and the profit is 5 pips. Thats it.

Hope it helps; if any update happens, will surely update on twitter.

Thanks and have a good day.

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