Trading Signals on Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gold Medal in Metal
Gold Medal in Metal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hi, I know there has been a dearth of updates from my end; and as usual I am so sorry.

In the meanwhile, while I was away, I opened 2 deals in the month of September. Both were of Gold metal and both closed after hitting a Stop Loss.

Just to mention here, one was bought at 1251.84 and the other at 1261.61 levels. Now if one gets to post-analyze these, then I did a very good thing by being adamant on my Stop-loss policy.

I say so because the market went really low after that and slipped to 1243 levels yesterday. Today where it will go I do not know, so I come with following signals for the day, after my thorough per-analysis.

Trading Signal:1 for Sep 11/14: Buy XAU/USD at 1229.6, SL:1224.6, TP:1244.6
Trading Signal:2 for Sep 11/14: Buy XAU/USD at 1219.6, SL:1209.6, TP:1249.6
Trading Signal:3 for Sep 11/14: Sell XAU/USD at 1266.49, SL:1271.49, TP:1251.49
Trading Signal:4 for Sep 11/14: Sell XAU/USD at 1276.49, SL:1266.49, TP:1246.49

Also, I have updates for the EUR/USD:

Trading Signal:5 for Sep 11/14: Buy EUR/USD at 1.2849, SL:1.2799, TP:1.2999
Trading Signal:6 for Sep 11/14: Sell EUR/USD at 1.2951, SL:1.3001, TP:1.2801

Hope you get to make profits through any of these, and get back if you need any help understanding them.


P.S: I also got 3 open deals on the EUR/USD as below:

Buy EUR/USD at 1.2899, SL:1.2849, TP:1.3050
Buy EUR/USD at 1.2899, SL:1.2874, TP:1.3052
Sell EUR/USD at 1.2951, SL:1.2976, TP:1.2799
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