Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Friday, August 30 2013

Trading Places
Trading Places (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As of now I have not closed any open order in profit. But seems very likely considering the trend in the charts of EUR/USD pair.

Moreover, there was no announcement of any major financial news with respect to the Eurozone or the U.S.A.

Hence, it is safe to assume that the patterns for the pair formed today are real solid and will stay for sure for a considerable time.

By the way, I just glance on the highest and lowest levels of the day; which has 1.3255 as the highest and 1.3222 the lowest levels of the day. These values are as of now, hence are liable to change anytime.

As you also must have noticed, the difference is not much between the highest and lowest values of the day, just a mere 30 odd pips.

By pointing the difference I just mean that there is still a lot of scope for the market to show some dynamics. By dynamics I mean it could go zooming up or could also droop a lot low.

As far as my trading is considered; it would be wonderful if it reaches lower lows. That ways my account will close the as of now open Short deals in profit.

Just like yesterday, my account still has 4 open orders which are yet to shut down. And they have to have to shut down in profits. I have waited a really long time for that to happen.

As far as I recall, as per my current trading plan, I funded my account on the 23th of last month. 

Hence, it has been more than a month, and I have not doubled it yet. I have just earned close to 33% till now.

Last 2 weeks have not been that good, hence I lost my winning pace. But luckily this week has been cheerful; and I hope the forthcoming one will also be wonderful.

Whenever that be, I shall post and update here.

But right now I am just in a mood to enjoy the weekend.

Hope you too have a happy one, I think it would be if you have been following and acting as per my trading signals.

Also, I am in love with the Daily chart image attached.

Oh no, it went way lower than what I have posted here....hahhaha


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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Thursday, August 29 2013

I know I am too late for posting today's post, but again I am happy to update that today 2 of my orders closed with profits.

Of course, I had kept the rolling take profit for both, hence I ended up earning a little more than 50 pips that I initially intended to earn on each. That is how I earn back the lost pips in keeping a deal open for days, which get significantly lost due to broker commissions.

So, technically speaking, one of the deals closed at 1.3284 levels and the other at 1.3237.

Hence, the gains for the day today were about 110 pips, and that makes me happy.

Also, I did not see the financial news and announcements of the day. I only went by the chart patterns, and that indeed worked. Proof is attached in the end.

Now I am awaiting the rest of the entries, which is precisely 4 to also end in profits. 

I remember that at the beginning of the current week, I had 7 open orders in losses.

But since Tuesday, I have seen 3 of them closing down with 50 pips gain each.

Although I did lose some amount in Gold trading, but that is fine, I do not bother much for that, since the amount I lost was very minimal. All thanks to the strict stop loss philosophy that I comply with in dealing with commodities.

I know it is not a good time to mention the signals of the day when actually the day is ending; but since I devise signals in and around the time when U.K. market opens, hence the signals will actually stay useful. Though I apologize in advance for the same.

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3351 for a profit of 50 pips.
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3301 for a profit of 50 pips.
Sell Gold at 1435 with a stop loss of 1440 and gain of 1420
Sell Silver at 25.501 with a stop loss of 26.001 and gain of 24.001
Buy Gold at 1387.9 with a stop loss of 1382.9 and gain of 1402.9
Buy Silver at 22.499 with a stop loss of 21.999 and gain of 23.999

I seriously wish anyone reading these posts also earned few pips in his/her trades.

Till then it is a good night from me. Also, I am apologizing in advance for tomorrow. I will again be late to post tomorrow. I will be spending my day with a friend who is visiting my city. But all I can say is that the market will again be on a selling spree tomorrow. The attached Daily chart is the indicator for the same.


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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, August 28 2013

Silver balls
Silver balls (Photo credit: play4smee)
I do not know if I will get time to write a big post today, so getting straight and minimalistic.

Firstly, as I had come up with signals yesterday, out of that only the Short entry for Gold triggered. Also, it ended up in a loss, yeah it hit the stop loss.

Today again I am optimistic on a lower trend for the EUR/USD and the way dollar is strengthening I am pretty sure that all my loss deals, as of now 6 will turn positive soon. 

I only have time to stick my signals here, which are as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3401 for a profit of 50 pips.
Sell Gold at 1443.8 with a stop loss of 1448.8 and gain of 1428.8
Sell Silver at 26.501 with a stop loss of 27.001 and gain of 25.001
Buy Gold at 1403.6 with a stop loss of 1398.6 and gain of 1418.6
Buy Silver at 23.499 with a stop loss of 22.999 and gain of 24.999

I will update on my twitter in case any of my deal opens or closes.

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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Tuesday, August 27 2013

I am happy to post that my sell order which I opened at 1.3401 closed with a take profit of 50 pips at 1.3348.

So, now I have just 6 open sell deals - 3 at 1.3201 and 1 each at 1.3251, 1.3301 and 1.3351.

I suppose the market if reaches lower then, I would end up in more profits for the day.

As I had supposed in my last post, the market did end up stooping low.

Now, I again get a feeling that the market will go further down from now.

For the same reason, I come up with relative signals as below:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3401 for a profit of 50 pips.
Sell Gold at 1425.8 with a stop loss of 1430.8 and gain of 1410.8
Sell Silver at 26.001 with a stop loss of 26.501 and gain of 24.501
Buy Gold at 1377 with a stop loss of 1372 and gain of 1392
Buy Silver at 22.499 with a stop loss of 21.999 and gain of 23.999

 Apart from that there is one important thing that I want to share. It is that one cannot fully go by the news and announcements that happen in the Forex scenario. They are important for any trading, but many a times they could show an adverse affect to the one that is expected from them.

Like for example the one that announced today. The German Info climate released its data today, which came out significantly positive. Naturally, one would expect it to have a positive outcome on the EUR/USD pair, as it means a positive affect on the Euro; but alas the announcement created a strong decline in the pair implicating a rather positive affect on the Dollar instead of the Euro.

Again the same thing happened just an hour back. The Standard and Poor data released which turned out to be positive. Naturally, it could have created a positive effect on the Dollar, but instead it caused the Euro to go up.

Yes, it is strange, very strange.

I keep observing such phenomena once in a blue moon, but today I posted about it.

That is the reason I give about 30% importance to forex news and announcements; and instead go strong with the charts and their analysis.

I hope anyone reading this understands the concept of trading better.

Till then have fun in trading as well as in living.
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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, August 26 2013

Apologies. I am way late for posting today's signals. I was stuck because my internet was not working.

Now since it is fine, I am back at it.

I am getting straight to the business. The U.S data today came out negative, leading to a strong pull on the EUR/USD pair causing it to make 1.3394 as the day's highest level.

As anyone knowing me would know, I am more of a Chart Trader; hence I am still optimistic and head strong on going short with the pair.

I have attached the 4-H chat that makes me believe that the market is due for a U-turn.

It clearly shows a inside pin bar which indicates a bearish trend for the pair.

I still have 7 open Short deals in losses; only if the market reaches till 1.3350; then at least I will earn 50 pips and have one deal closed.

Apart from that I have the following signals for the Gold and Silver commodities.

Sell Gold at 1421.6 with a stop loss of 1426.6 and gain of 1406.6
Sell Silver at 25.501 with a stop loss of 26.001 and gain of 24.001
Buy Gold at 1367.1 with a stop loss of 1362.1 and gain of 1382.1
Buy Silver at 22.499 with a stop loss of 21.999 and gain of 23.999

Till then, have a good day.


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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Friday, August 23 2013

The Profit
The Profit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I start this post with an apology. I just do not know how did I manage to miss seeing one of my order getting closed with a profit of 50 pips.

Yesterday, I posted that there was no difference in my open orders, but actually my Sell order at 1.3401 got closed with a 50 pips profit at 1.3349. I had covered up the broker commissions by increasing take profit levels. Hence, I ended up with a complete profit of 50 pips, else I could have lost few pips as broker commissions due to the time frame for which the order was open. Well, my order was open for 2 days.

Anyway, so with this closed entry in profit, my margin as well as my equity increased.

Now coming for the signals for the day, it is an important day. In just hour an half from now data related to the new home sales in U.S will be released. This one piece of information could prove a game changer for the EUR/USD pair.

I am waiting for the news, then only I will come up with any signal. Though I have all Sell entries as of now. I have not kept any entry orders.

Today is the last trading day of the week, therefore, I am not risking my equity.

Only if the data comes out positive for the U.S.A, then only the dollar would strengthen and my account will gain in profits.

Will update in twitter, if any if my order closes.
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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Thursday, August 22 2013

Mation of the free-fall with air drag
Motion of the free-fall with air drag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today seems to be the day which I was awaiting since a month back. The market showed some beautiful free fall.

Today's day is full of events, and all of them have the capacity to bring path breaking twists in the EUR/USD pair.

The ones announced till now where all pertaining to the Euro zone. Out of them the data of France turned out to be negative for the zone. That caused the first fall for today for the pair.

Whereas the one for the Germany came out pretty positive, that pulled up the pair creating today's high till now at. 1.3364.

But unfortunately, even the overall positive data of the Eurozone could not bring up the pair up. Since last 1-2 hours, the pair has been dropping with a gained momentum.

The trigger for the same effect could also be due to the pressure and uncertainty of the release of the data related to the Unemployment claims of the U.S.A. This data is about to release in an hour and a half from now.

I am eagerly waiting for the data, just like so many traders all over the World.

Naturally since I am so heavily stocked with Sell deals, I want the pair to fall and fall so that my account gets a lot of profits.

As of now my open deals are the same as they were yesterday.

Till the data gets released, I am going hopeful with the 4H chart that I have attached below. It makes me believe that the much awaited fall of the pair and the strengthening of the Dollar has started.

Till then enjoy and make some greenback.


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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, August 21 2013

I'm Not Trading
I'm Not Trading (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has really been a long vacation for me. I am updating this blog after a week. I had intended to take a vacation of 3-4 days, but with the event of my anniversary and then Rakshabandhan, I went overboard.

Within this time frame, I did update my twitter on the happenings of my trading account.

Looking at the market now, it seems that the EUR/USD pair is struggling to reach the maximum levels in the upward direction.

It has touched the 1.3452 levels in this week. As I was off trading in the regular and active way, so I missed out on the opportunity of putting a short deal at the same level. Therefore, I made up for the lost opportunity by doing some scalping.

Just now, the home sales data related to the U.S.A released. Luckily it turned out positive than what was expected.

This could mean strengthening of the Dollar. If that happens, I will make a good amount of profit.

Further the upcoming news of today if turns out positive, will boost more for it.

Anyway, currently I am in huge losses. The following are my open Short losing trades:

3 at 1.3201
1 at 1.3251
1 at 1.3301
1 at 1.3351
1 at 1.3401

All of them have a take profit level of 50 pips, and no stop loss.

I promise that from tomorrow I will duly update my blog.

Till then enjoy and have fun.
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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, August 14 2013

Silver balls
Silver balls (Photo credit: play4smee)
Today again I delayed in updating my blog, only because I was waiting for some hard-core action to happen with my trading account.

But sadly nothing happened. The status is same as yesterday. 

Neither any open deal closed, nor any entry order opened.

Though I was expecting the entry order in Gold to open, but actually the market did not go that low, which in fact is a good sign. It means that the commodity market is in for a recovery.

Today there were many announcements related to both the Eurozone and the U.S; but none of the news created a path breaking effect on the currency pair.

One of the news, related to the Department of Labor of the U.S came out very negative, that has in fact pulled up the EUR/USD pair.

But the pull seems not very significant. I say so because the maximum difference between the highest ask and lowest bid of the day has been a mere 30 pips.

That just means that there is still a lot of scope for the pair to move in either direction. But I am a little skeptical of the same.

That is because I do not see any strong news coming up in the next 18 hours. Also, tomorrow happens to be a kind of holiday for the Eurozone. That means that there would not be much activity coming in from there which could create a more or less no movement. Though if any major event happens in the U.S. financial market, then probably the pair could tumble down.

I do not know what could happen tomorrow.

Also on the personal front, I am off for a 3 day holiday from tomorrow. It is my husband’s birthday on the 17th and tomorrow happens to be the Independence Day of my nation, so I am travelling to my mother’s place for an escape and celebration in this holiday time.

Till then I am keeping the following entry orders, since I think I will have no time to check my account, so I am going a little less aggressive. I therefore, have also added Silver. So now I am back to trading on the commodity market too. My entries for the entire week are as below:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3351 with a take profit of 50 pips.
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3301 with a take profit of 50 pips.
Buy XAU/USD at 1295.4 with a stop loss of 1282.9 and a take profit of 1332.9
Buy XAG/USD at 20.499 with a stop loss of 19.499 and a take profit of 23.499

If my account goes through any updates I shall update my twitter, or if I could manage some time, I shall update things here.

Bye and enjoy.
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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Tuesday, August 13 2013

English: Crystaline Gold
English: Crystaline Gold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today I thought I would update my blog when another open short order would have closed in profits. But seeing the end of the trading day approaching on my time zone, I ended up posting right now.

Though, I have not yet gained anything in terms of a real gain; but the losses in my trading account have erased to a great extent. In fact, currently my account is positive. That means even if I close all my open trades right now, then also my account will be in gains by almost 100 pips. This is indeed a great feeling.

Whenever I see my account in profits like today, I feel so blessed....

Well today the market had to come down. The core retail sales data related to U.S.A came out positive. It dragged the market to lower lows within minutes of being released.

I hope anytime now one of my Short orders will close with a profit of 50 pips.

Till that happens, I have come up with the following trades for the day:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3351 with a take profit of 50 pips. This is the same as yesterday's signals.

Also, since I have gained a substantial amount currently, hence my trading is comfortable to accommodate some commodity trading too.

I am starting with the lustrous Gold.

One can keep an entry order for Gold at 1311.4 for a take profit level of 1348.9 and a stop loss of 1298.9 levels.

Please note that it is necessary to stick to the stop loss levels for Gold, since not doing so could lead to losses.

Also, this signal for Gold is good only till 7:30 am GMT tomorrow.

I will come up with a fresh signal for Gold tomorrow, though the one for EUR/USD will hold true for the coming days in this week.

I will update on my twitter, in case any of my deal opens or closes.

Till then enjoy, take care and keep earning.
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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, August 12 2013

Trading Places (song)
Trading Places (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today is the first trading day of the week and also a happy one. I am happy because one of my Sell order closed in profits of 50 pips at 1.3299 levels.

The last week had not been good, as in none of my orders closed in profits, so this week seems a lot better than the previous.

Surprisingly, today there were no major announcements and news except for the release of the data on Federal Budget balance of the U.S.A; which is supposed to be announced at 6 am GMT

I know that sounds like tomorrow, but in my Indian time zone, that is today; which is somewhere approximately 5 and half hours from now.

If that data comes out much more than the forecast, it will pull the EUR/USD pair much lower, else the pair could pull back a little.

Apart from that the charts also point at the much anticipated Bullish run of the dear Dollar.

I checked the moving averages at 10 and 20; and also the Stochastics, both suggest a trend downwards.

Moreover, the Dollar Index has started recovering in a big way.

As of now, I am just waiting for my open short orders to close in profits of 50 pips each.

I mentioned lastweek that I had 6 open orders in losses. Now one of them has closed giving me profits of 50 pips. I really wish that the other 5 also close down soon in profits.

By the way, I have also places another Sell entry order at 1.3351 levels without a stop loss, but with a profit of 50 pips at 1.3301 levels.

Now since my margins are plenty, I sit back and relax by having a yumm Mushroom and Broccoli soup.

I will update tomorrow on any activity of my trading.

Till then relax and have fun!!

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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Friday, August 09 2013

Cover of "Friday (New Line Platinum Serie...
Cover of Friday (New Line Platinum Series)
It is Friday today, the last trading day of the week. Till now the market has not come down, the way I expected it to.

But that does not make me worry. That is because though it has not started falling, but also it has not gone up too.

Today the daily high till now has been not much; the market barely managed to touch the 1.3390 levels.

Right now I only see a difference of a mere 20 pips in the pair's highest and lowest levels of the day.

Seeing the upward movement of the market yesterday, I pumped some credit into my trading account to create a buffer in case the margin in my account starts dropping.

In fact the market did not cross the 1.3401 levels since yesterday; but pumping money really helped in keeping my peace of mine.

I know I could have easily opened a BUY deal, but I am strictly not in for hedging.

That is something I seriously prohibit. That is one mistake that newbie traders offer indulge in, which actually makes them lose more money.

Anyway, I am now off for a weekend, as today I have to go out and wish all my friends a happy Eid.

I will now post in the coming week. But if I find time tomorrow, then I will post something on the tutorial.
I do not think it would be worth putting up a post this week on a weekly roundup on earnings, because this week I have not earned a single penny with my trading.

I hope the coming week will bring in profits and lots of winning pips.

Now talking of announcements, there was just one related to the Eurozone, which turned out to be a negative one for them. Though, that particular news did not do much to the market.

Since there is no other event lined up for the day, I therefore take a break from trading for 2 days.

I shall be back on Monday, till then enjoy the festivities of Eid and stay happy.
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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Thursday, Aug 8 2013

Yesterday, I had a little doubt that the EUR/USD pair might extend its gains and cross the 1.3351 levels.

Today it seems that those fears of mine got true. The market not only reached those levels, in fact it surpassed it and reached till 1.3368 levels creating that as the highest of the day till now.

It seems that the market is no mood to come down. Since yesterday there have not been major announcements which could create a devastating effect to the market, but still the market went high yesterday as well as the day till today.

Though there have been few important news and announcements in the meanwhile, all have been pro Euro and therefore the market did go North because of that.

But I cannot stop from believing that it has to come down in a big way. I know it has not been in this week. But it is about to happen in a day or two. Today is Thursday, so if not today definitely tomorrow; and even if not in this week, then definitely definitely in the upcoming week.

I am more of a long term trader, hence I am so hell bent on the pair going down South.
I have attached the proof for my point of view at the end of this post. Do check it out; it is the candle chart of the weekly time frame. A mere look at it will prove what I believe in.

Now a little update on my open trades as below:

3 Sell Trades at 1.3201
1 at 1.3251
1 at 1.3301
1 at 1.3351; yes, I could not resist the urge to not sell anything at this price point.

There is one announcement related to employment figures of U.S.A at 12:30 pm GMT.
This particular piece of information could turn out to be the game changer.

Since the figure is related to unemployment data, hence if it is a huge number as compared to what is expected, then the greenback would drop, and will zoom if not.

I am just eagerly waiting for the figure to come out, will update the outcome tomorrow.

If I had little more money in my account, then I would have sold another one at 1.3401; though that seems very unlikely in the current scenario.

Till then enjoy and take care.


Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, Aug 7 2013

Today it was not much of a movement day. Therefore, I went lazy with my post for the day. The news till now that somehow managed to create some ripples during the day was of the data related to the German Industrial production. It came positive, therefore the market took an U-turn from its bearish journey and within minutes jumped from the low levels of 1.3267 to a high of 1.3324.

The other upcoming announcements for the day include the data concerning the Crude Oil Inventories and the 10 year bond auction. Both of them cannot create much action since their release has both growth and inflationary implications.

So overall the day has been inclined more on the bullish trend. But somehow I am still holding on to my intuitions which tell me that the strong drop in the EUR/USD pair is just about to come.

Everyday I just keep expecting the same but to be frank that day and time has not come yet. The only way to test my hunch is to wait and watch.

I know I can do that, but with me doing nothing is something close to near impossible.

Hence, I have attached a daily chart for the pair which will kind of prove my intuition.

There is not much technicality or any complex indicator, rather 2 straight lines. One connects the highs and the other the lows.

Also, I am not going into details of getting into the use of the Dollar Index as an indicator. But in case you do, it will help.

BTW, the status of my open deals is the same as it was yesterday.
5 open deals, currently in losses.

No, I have no margin to open another Sell entry at 1.3351. But if in any case the market touches till there, it would be nice to open one there.

But I would not, because I cannot.

I will update the outcome of my account tomorrow.

Till then enjoy and take care.


Confessions of keeping a Trading Journal


I just realized that today on 6th of August 2013 it has been 365 days of keeping this trading journal of mine.

So today is the first Happy Anniversary of my blog!!

I had been so engrossed in reporting all that I do with my trading account that I just failed to recognize that it has been one full year in maintaining this habit of mine.

I must say that since the time I started being regular here, my trading profits have increased simultaneously, actually with the same rate with which I update here.

I am not joking, seriously. When I actually started trading 2 years back, I had no idea that one had to keep a diary log of their trading activities. Then after 6 months of losing money, I did some research on how to en-cash some winning pips and found out that of all things, maintaining a log book of daily trading activities is one key ingredient of the recipe to success.

As any novice trader would know, I did not pay much heed to that piece of knowledge. But after an year when I lost most of what I had in my savings, I just happened to start this blog. I do admit that a year before it was done more as a formality than as a habit or a dire need.

I laugh while writing the last statement. Wish I had taken it well seriously then itself; needless to mention I then would have made more profits in the last 365 days.

Well well, better to be late than never ever. I am glad that with the beginning of this year I took a vow to start mentioning in my blog whatever I do with my currency trading account.

I am happy that I stuck with my decision and here I am creating winning pips all the time and gaining a minimum of 500 pips in a month's time.

If anyone ever tracks my winning ratio, it has always bettered up in direct proportion to my timely update of this blog.

From 40% returns in January to 100% in the previous months, I am just getting better and better. TOUCHWOOD.

In any case, I strongly recommend maintaining a journal for anyone who is really serious on making currency trading a full time earning cash mechanism in his/her life.

P.S:  I am just attaching a link to my first post on this blog. Today that first post seems so vintage, LOL

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Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Tuesday, Aug 6 2013


I know I am late to post today. But what to do the market is not showing any great moves since past few days. It is rather moving side-ways with no major trend formation in either of the directions.

I therefore waited the whole day for the Trade Balance data from the U.S. It was the only major news for the day; the others being less important than this one. The data on Trade Balance released about an hour back, and it was mighty positive. I therefore feel that the market should come down now.

As it is it has been stuck between 1.3350 and 1.3151 levels since past one week. Although it has not touched both these levels as well, just lied wavering between these two ranges.

So for the last week and this week has been not very trend setting for the EUR/USD pair.

It has not made any impact forming trend. I mean it has seemed to be going nowhere till now.

I just feel with the release of the Trade Balance, it should form some definite trend by now.

Also, there is one more significant news pertaining to the U.S economy is about to come in another 5 minutes or so. It is the one regarding the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (JOLTS). This one excludes the farming industry data.

If this one also comes out positive, then the market should be forming trends downwards; which in any case I have been anticipating since the past week.

By the way, talking of signals for the day – I have not come up with anything new.

I just stuck with the one I came up yesterday. Hence, today a deal got auto-opened at 1.3301 levels.

Hence, my trading account has 5 open Sell deals today.

1 at 1.3301
1 at 1.3251
And 3 at 1.3201. Of course all are in losses except for the one that opened today.

Hoping to see some positive action now, till then have fun and enjoy.

Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, Aug 5 2013

It is Monday, the fresh start of the new week of this month. But interestingly, this is the first Monday of the month.

This beginning day of the week generally remains an extension to my weekend mostly. Generally, I do not get into active trading on this day. I prefer to stay away from taking up any sides and rather wait for the solid trending patterns to form, on which I act upon the following days of the week.

As far as the day has been, it has been a rather sluggish one. The market rather moved side-ways and did not show much movement in the either directions.  Though in the last one hour, it has been falling slowly. I hope it remains that ways, cause then only it will prove beneficial to me.

I have 4 deals open right now. 3 at 1.3201 and 1 at 1.3251

As of now all are in losses. Due to the insecurity related to the market I am happy with whatever is there in my account right now. As I said, I will take a call tomorrow.

But whatever position size I open at whatever price, I will definitely do that in the Sell direction. I personally do not see the market going any time much up now.

Also, the major news and announcements for the day till now have not been really great. Though, there is one big announcement coming up in an hour and half from now. The news is regarding the manufacturing data from the U.S. If that comes out positive, the definitely the market would be pulled down, and the converse will happen in case it comes out negative.

As I always say, I got no clue what would happen. But I can come up with a trading plan accordingly. Though my equity is stuck because of the 4 losing deals, but I can still afford a small Sell deal at 1.3301.

If in any case the market seems to be going up and above, then this entry deal will get triggered. Buts seriously I cannot afford anything more than this.

Let us see what happens next. Till then take care and keep trading.
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