Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Friday, August 30 2013

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As of now I have not closed any open order in profit. But seems very likely considering the trend in the charts of EUR/USD pair.

Moreover, there was no announcement of any major financial news with respect to the Eurozone or the U.S.A.

Hence, it is safe to assume that the patterns for the pair formed today are real solid and will stay for sure for a considerable time.

By the way, I just glance on the highest and lowest levels of the day; which has 1.3255 as the highest and 1.3222 the lowest levels of the day. These values are as of now, hence are liable to change anytime.

As you also must have noticed, the difference is not much between the highest and lowest values of the day, just a mere 30 odd pips.

By pointing the difference I just mean that there is still a lot of scope for the market to show some dynamics. By dynamics I mean it could go zooming up or could also droop a lot low.

As far as my trading is considered; it would be wonderful if it reaches lower lows. That ways my account will close the as of now open Short deals in profit.

Just like yesterday, my account still has 4 open orders which are yet to shut down. And they have to have to shut down in profits. I have waited a really long time for that to happen.

As far as I recall, as per my current trading plan, I funded my account on the 23th of last month. 

Hence, it has been more than a month, and I have not doubled it yet. I have just earned close to 33% till now.

Last 2 weeks have not been that good, hence I lost my winning pace. But luckily this week has been cheerful; and I hope the forthcoming one will also be wonderful.

Whenever that be, I shall post and update here.

But right now I am just in a mood to enjoy the weekend.

Hope you too have a happy one, I think it would be if you have been following and acting as per my trading signals.

Also, I am in love with the Daily chart image attached.

Oh no, it went way lower than what I have posted here....hahhaha


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