Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Tuesday, August 13 2013

English: Crystaline Gold
English: Crystaline Gold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today I thought I would update my blog when another open short order would have closed in profits. But seeing the end of the trading day approaching on my time zone, I ended up posting right now.

Though, I have not yet gained anything in terms of a real gain; but the losses in my trading account have erased to a great extent. In fact, currently my account is positive. That means even if I close all my open trades right now, then also my account will be in gains by almost 100 pips. This is indeed a great feeling.

Whenever I see my account in profits like today, I feel so blessed....

Well today the market had to come down. The core retail sales data related to U.S.A came out positive. It dragged the market to lower lows within minutes of being released.

I hope anytime now one of my Short orders will close with a profit of 50 pips.

Till that happens, I have come up with the following trades for the day:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3351 with a take profit of 50 pips. This is the same as yesterday's signals.

Also, since I have gained a substantial amount currently, hence my trading is comfortable to accommodate some commodity trading too.

I am starting with the lustrous Gold.

One can keep an entry order for Gold at 1311.4 for a take profit level of 1348.9 and a stop loss of 1298.9 levels.

Please note that it is necessary to stick to the stop loss levels for Gold, since not doing so could lead to losses.

Also, this signal for Gold is good only till 7:30 am GMT tomorrow.

I will come up with a fresh signal for Gold tomorrow, though the one for EUR/USD will hold true for the coming days in this week.

I will update on my twitter, in case any of my deal opens or closes.

Till then enjoy, take care and keep earning.
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