Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Thursday, August 22 2013

Mation of the free-fall with air drag
Motion of the free-fall with air drag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today seems to be the day which I was awaiting since a month back. The market showed some beautiful free fall.

Today's day is full of events, and all of them have the capacity to bring path breaking twists in the EUR/USD pair.

The ones announced till now where all pertaining to the Euro zone. Out of them the data of France turned out to be negative for the zone. That caused the first fall for today for the pair.

Whereas the one for the Germany came out pretty positive, that pulled up the pair creating today's high till now at. 1.3364.

But unfortunately, even the overall positive data of the Eurozone could not bring up the pair up. Since last 1-2 hours, the pair has been dropping with a gained momentum.

The trigger for the same effect could also be due to the pressure and uncertainty of the release of the data related to the Unemployment claims of the U.S.A. This data is about to release in an hour and a half from now.

I am eagerly waiting for the data, just like so many traders all over the World.

Naturally since I am so heavily stocked with Sell deals, I want the pair to fall and fall so that my account gets a lot of profits.

As of now my open deals are the same as they were yesterday.

Till the data gets released, I am going hopeful with the 4H chart that I have attached below. It makes me believe that the much awaited fall of the pair and the strengthening of the Dollar has started.

Till then enjoy and make some greenback.


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