Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Friday, August 09 2013

Cover of "Friday (New Line Platinum Serie...
Cover of Friday (New Line Platinum Series)
It is Friday today, the last trading day of the week. Till now the market has not come down, the way I expected it to.

But that does not make me worry. That is because though it has not started falling, but also it has not gone up too.

Today the daily high till now has been not much; the market barely managed to touch the 1.3390 levels.

Right now I only see a difference of a mere 20 pips in the pair's highest and lowest levels of the day.

Seeing the upward movement of the market yesterday, I pumped some credit into my trading account to create a buffer in case the margin in my account starts dropping.

In fact the market did not cross the 1.3401 levels since yesterday; but pumping money really helped in keeping my peace of mine.

I know I could have easily opened a BUY deal, but I am strictly not in for hedging.

That is something I seriously prohibit. That is one mistake that newbie traders offer indulge in, which actually makes them lose more money.

Anyway, I am now off for a weekend, as today I have to go out and wish all my friends a happy Eid.

I will now post in the coming week. But if I find time tomorrow, then I will post something on the tutorial.
I do not think it would be worth putting up a post this week on a weekly roundup on earnings, because this week I have not earned a single penny with my trading.

I hope the coming week will bring in profits and lots of winning pips.

Now talking of announcements, there was just one related to the Eurozone, which turned out to be a negative one for them. Though, that particular news did not do much to the market.

Since there is no other event lined up for the day, I therefore take a break from trading for 2 days.

I shall be back on Monday, till then enjoy the festivities of Eid and stay happy.
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