Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Wednesday, August 21 2013

I'm Not Trading
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It has really been a long vacation for me. I am updating this blog after a week. I had intended to take a vacation of 3-4 days, but with the event of my anniversary and then Rakshabandhan, I went overboard.

Within this time frame, I did update my twitter on the happenings of my trading account.

Looking at the market now, it seems that the EUR/USD pair is struggling to reach the maximum levels in the upward direction.

It has touched the 1.3452 levels in this week. As I was off trading in the regular and active way, so I missed out on the opportunity of putting a short deal at the same level. Therefore, I made up for the lost opportunity by doing some scalping.

Just now, the home sales data related to the U.S.A released. Luckily it turned out positive than what was expected.

This could mean strengthening of the Dollar. If that happens, I will make a good amount of profit.

Further the upcoming news of today if turns out positive, will boost more for it.

Anyway, currently I am in huge losses. The following are my open Short losing trades:

3 at 1.3201
1 at 1.3251
1 at 1.3301
1 at 1.3351
1 at 1.3401

All of them have a take profit level of 50 pips, and no stop loss.

I promise that from tomorrow I will duly update my blog.

Till then enjoy and have fun.
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