Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Thursday, August 29 2013

I know I am too late for posting today's post, but again I am happy to update that today 2 of my orders closed with profits.

Of course, I had kept the rolling take profit for both, hence I ended up earning a little more than 50 pips that I initially intended to earn on each. That is how I earn back the lost pips in keeping a deal open for days, which get significantly lost due to broker commissions.

So, technically speaking, one of the deals closed at 1.3284 levels and the other at 1.3237.

Hence, the gains for the day today were about 110 pips, and that makes me happy.

Also, I did not see the financial news and announcements of the day. I only went by the chart patterns, and that indeed worked. Proof is attached in the end.

Now I am awaiting the rest of the entries, which is precisely 4 to also end in profits. 

I remember that at the beginning of the current week, I had 7 open orders in losses.

But since Tuesday, I have seen 3 of them closing down with 50 pips gain each.

Although I did lose some amount in Gold trading, but that is fine, I do not bother much for that, since the amount I lost was very minimal. All thanks to the strict stop loss philosophy that I comply with in dealing with commodities.

I know it is not a good time to mention the signals of the day when actually the day is ending; but since I devise signals in and around the time when U.K. market opens, hence the signals will actually stay useful. Though I apologize in advance for the same.

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3351 for a profit of 50 pips.
Sell EUR/USD at 1.3301 for a profit of 50 pips.
Sell Gold at 1435 with a stop loss of 1440 and gain of 1420
Sell Silver at 25.501 with a stop loss of 26.001 and gain of 24.001
Buy Gold at 1387.9 with a stop loss of 1382.9 and gain of 1402.9
Buy Silver at 22.499 with a stop loss of 21.999 and gain of 23.999

I seriously wish anyone reading these posts also earned few pips in his/her trades.

Till then it is a good night from me. Also, I am apologizing in advance for tomorrow. I will again be late to post tomorrow. I will be spending my day with a friend who is visiting my city. But all I can say is that the market will again be on a selling spree tomorrow. The attached Daily chart is the indicator for the same.


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