Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, July 22 2013


I am back after my 2 day break on the weekend. I know that I am supposed to come up with some tutorial on the non-trading days, but I just missed updating it this time.

I cannot be held guilty for the same, as I have already mentioned that my mother was at my place; and we were all celebrating her birthday. So, I guess at times such small leniency is worth pardoning.

Since, it is Monday today, so I get back to the business of trading my popular currency, the EUR/USD.

As I see the markets right now, I strongly strongly recommend a short deal from now on.

Below I have inserted Daily and 4H Charts. As you can see both, they indicate a strong decline building up. Hence, I go with shorting from now on.

Hence, my signals are recommended as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3201 for a profit of 50 pips, and surely do keep cover deals from then on, with the same profit strategy. Now talking of a stop loss, no I refrain from putting it now. It is rarest of rare to find such a golden opportunity of having both the Daily and the 4H charts at the same end levels in stochastic.

And a little update on my withdrawals, yes they are done and I am glad to receive more Indian currency than I had put in while trading. All thanks to the upgrading Dollar vis-à-vis the Indian Rupee.

I know it is matter of concern for many, but since I earn in dollars, it serves me well. LOL

Also, there is another update from my end. This particular post of mine is 100th in number of this Trading blog of mine.

I am so happy, wish I get more and more of such landmarks with this blog.

Thanks in advance for everyone and anyone who reads it.

Till then, have a good life and year ahead.

Daily Chart on 22 July 2013
Daily Chart on 22 July 2013

4H Chart on 22 July 2013
4H Chart on 22 July 2013

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