Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Friday, July 26 2013


Today it is the last trading day of the week. And here I am with another post.

The markets have still not started going down in the way which I had anticipated.

But nevertheless, they have not really gone a lot up too. So, in a way that is a good thing.

Yesterday, the market made a high at 1.3296 and a low at 1.3166.

And today it opened at 1.3274 and up to the time I am writing this post, it made the high at 1.3289 and a low at 1.3269. Today’s as of now high is lower than yesterday’s high and also the low is higher. By the end of the day, the market could either break both the highs and the lows or it would not. But whatever may happen by the end of this day, one should completely stick to his/her trading plan and strategy.

Now I move on to the major announcements and financial news of the day. Well, there is nothing really coming up for the day. I mean nothing worthwhile which could bring a major turn around in the market.

So, I am basically going strong with my open deals, one at 1.3201 and the other at 1.3251. That is because my entry order at 1.3251 which I had suggested as a signal yesterday got triggered.

As of now, I am only waiting for my existing entries to close in profits, and also waiting for the entry order at 1.3301 to get triggered.

But of course that will only happen if the market will go up and up; which seems very unlikely right now.

Hence, just wait and watch.

P.S: I have uploaded a video showing the Daily chart for today. It could give you some idea as to how I stay so sure with my signals and the trading strategies.
And do let me know if you need to understand anything regarding the EUR/USD pair.

Till then enjoy.

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