Trading Signals for Tuesday, July 02 2013

A 'bear' trend where the market is continually...

Today it is the second day of the trading week in this new month and till now I have not gone either long or short in a big way.

That is because the 4H chart itself seems indecisive right now.

And as you would know by now, I stay away from shaky trading and shaky signals as well.

Therefore, I am still continuing with the wait and watch strategy today too.

By saying that I do not intend to say that one should not trade at all.

All I mean to say is I am not going in for taking larger pips like the 50 and above like I normally recommend.

I have gone through the news forecast as well. And looking at it, it suggests that today also it is going to be a smooth day as far as the EUR/USD market is concerned.

If you know me and my trading pattern, then you know that I would be utilizing the side-ways moving market trend by getting into scalping.

Absence of no new major news forecast coming up in the day is always an excellent opportunity for getting into maximizing big profits in big sized deals by closing in small pips.

Just remember by scalping rules and make up or gain as much pips as you can.

Have a happy trading day and a life ahead.

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