Trading Signals for Tuesday, July 09 2013


I am happy to post that one of my deal that I accidentally bought at 1.2818 closed with a profit of 50 pips at 1.2868 levels.

Accidental buy because though I had kept the entry order at 1.2849 levels, but due to the volatility in the market, my order did not execute at that price.

So, I bought the Eur/Usd at whatever levels I could at the moment I logged into my trading account.

Moreover, after the Draghi speech yesterday, the market spiked upwards causing my deal to close in green.

Currently, I still have an long entry order open. It is in losses currently, since I bought it at 1.2899 levels.

I do not know when will it close, that too whether in profit or loss, but till it touches the either sides I really cannot say much.

Also, I have moved the take profit levels for this particular deal by few pips, so that I do not end up losing profits in commissions.

Now coming up with the signals for the day:
Looking at the Daily charts, I think the market has an upswing. Therefore, I have kept an entry order for Sell as follows:

Sell Eur/Usd at 1.2951 for a profit of 50 pips and a stop loss of 100 pips.

If the market reaches till that level, definitely my existing open order will close at a profit.

Now, coming to scalping, the day is perfect for it; as there no major news being announced on this day.

So, one can make use of it, just follow my instructions carefully, else things could get messy.

Till then have a happy trading day and a life ahead.
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