Weekly Roundup on Saturday, Jul 13 2013


It is a no-trading day and I am on a holiday with a cup of coffee and sending a withdrawal request on my forex trading account.

Yes, you read it correct. I kind of developed something like a fatigue, or probably got tired of daily tracking of the market, and therefore thought of taking a break for few days or a week.

No, I do not have some fixed rules for the withdrawals, but I just go for it when I feel tired of trading continuously for days and days.

I actually started trading actively since the 17th of May; and since then I have earned 55% on my investments to be exact.

Come to think of it, that is just in 2 months or even less than 2 months of time, considering it is just 13 of July today.

Now, I am not going to convert that figure corresponding to a year terms, which I know you can do it very well yourself.

I just leave you with a thought of earning that much or even more by following by posts.

Whether you follow or not, but do remain happy and live life to the fullest.

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