Trading Signals for Friday, July 19 2013


Hope you all are doing good, as well as your trading account.

Just a little update on my life - It is my mother's birthday today, and she has come over to my place to celebrate it. I baked my lemon cake for her and she loved it. So, as she is here I am actually off trading, that is in fact the reason why I had opted for a withdrawal in my account earlier this week.

Now moving forward with the updates on the market; as I had suggested yesterday, the entry at 1.3101 got triggered, went down till 1.3066 but not till the take profit levels suggested. Hence, it did not close.

Also, another cover order must have got opened at 1.3151. If that cover order would have opened, then it would close at profit at 1.3101 levels.

In any case, I suggest do not keep a stop loss; but you should only do that while maintaining a good margin.

The market has to pull down any time now, for sure. Therefore, going with Short deals will be of advantage.

In a worst case scenario, I presume the market would go up till 1.3201 levels, and if all goes well, it should return from then on.

Only if it breaks from there on to further up, I shall come up with a newer strategy, but just maintain a good margin with your open deals, and it will surely benefit.
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