Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Tuesday, July 23 2013

It is the second trading day of this week, and my entry order that I came up with yesterday, got triggered.

Luckily, there is no major news or announcement coming up today; hence there are no surprises for the day.

The EUR/USD pair is not on steroids today; hence no dynamic trends today. Therefore, any direction that it will take during the day will be stable and for longer duration.

As far as the signals for the day are concerned, I am still on with the ones I came up on my last post.

Apart from all this, there is some news that is worth sharing. There is one more forex broker that has come up with a demo broking paltform. If you have been an active trader, then you would know by now which one I am talking about.

Obviously, it is the Netdania. Yes, our very own Netdania, that provides us with their fabulous charts. Now they have come up with a broking platform, which they released in a demo format yesterday.

Also, they are asking for testing their broking platform, called Netstation. If you are interested, you can test it here. I am not really sure if I would go with their broking platform for trading in future, but as of now I am excited for them.

All said and done, their Charts are impeccable; I am sure what ever product they will come up with will be wonderful. Let me know your views on the same.

Till then enjoy and take care.
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