Trading Signals for Wednesday, July 17 2013


Just a quick word update on my own trading - NONE.

I am still waiting for my broker to pass the bucks to my bank account. So, yes today is again a no trading day for me.

Really this withdrawal thingy takes a hug amount of time. 

Now, moving over to the market sentiments of the day; I sense that the market seems undecided for the day.

It is moving a little here and a little there. But ultimately it goes nowhere from where it started at the beginning of this trading day.

As you would know by now, my favourite of all is the 4H chart.

And that one is also not helping me come up with a clear cut signal for the day.

So, I would suggest sticking to the signals that I had come up with yesterday to be a better bet for this day too.

I would update on the outcome, once the market reaches to the level that I have supposed.

Also, I do not expect the market to show any clear cut movement in the either direction till 12:30 pm GMT, when a major announcement is due.

It is the Building permits of the U.S.A; that is one news that would pull or drown the pair along with the another one at 2 pm GMT; which is when the Fed Chairman Ben Bernake would come up with his signatory speech.

In any of the circumstances, I am up for the shorting sessions on the pair, so basically I am just going to wait and watch.

Till then enjoy!
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