Trading Signals for Monday, July 08 2013


Welcome to the first trading day of the second week of this month.

As of now my trades have just missed closing with a stop loss.

My long entry orders triggered at 1.2899 and 1.2849 levels are still on.

They might close with a stop loss or with the take profit levels; all depends upon the result of the European Conference meetings that will happen during the entire day.

Also, at 12:30 pm GMT, there is speech by Draghi Uncle.

All depends upon what he talks then.

Depending on what he talks, my account will either gain or lose.

But what do I think?

I think my account is going to gain. Looking at the 4h and Day charts, my trading intuition tells me that the Eur/Usd is going to go up.

Hence, a gain in my account.

And now coming up to the signals part:

No. no more trades till the existing ones close. But I do have a cover up trade at 1.2799 only in case the market goes downward.

Will update the outcome tomorrow, till then enjoy !!!

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