Weekly Roundup on Sunday, Jul 28 2013

Okay so this is the very end of this week, and almost the end of this Month.

And as far as my trading goes, well it has just started.

Since last Monday, I pumped some dollars into my account and start trading. 

As you would know, I aim for gaining 500 pips in a 30 days of time. And this ambitious plan of mine leads to doubling my account within those days.

Hence, in this quest of mine, a week or a 7 days have passed.

Within these 7 days, my account has been able to garner 50 pips, or rather 10% in profits.

It was on Thursday, that my Sell entry started at 1.3251 closed in profits.

Just to mention that I started my Selling spree from 1.3201 levels, and from there taking a cover deal at 1.3201.

If I go on an analysis mode on the Weekly candle stick;then it seems obvious that it has been a bullish one, being in blue.


I have clubbed the last and second last weekly candle stick in a black transparent box.

Just checking back tells me that my judgement was close to the real figures for the ending week.

The market did not even cross the 1.3300 levels; rather it was stuck between 1.3297 and 1.3144.

Come to look at it, that is not much movement for an entire week.

Moving ahead, I do not know what the coming week from tomorrow will bring.

But whatever be it, I will optimize it well to my trading advantage.

Long live the stringent trading plan.

P.S.: Do look at my BUY page or the TUTORIALS page to develop more of your understanding of the market.
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