Why I love to trade in Currencies

In the recent past Trading in currencies has garnered a lot of attention. But much like other avenues of generating money online, it has also come under the speculation of being a scam or fraud. I am not going to talk about all that here. Rather on what makes me trade in currencies, and makes me love doing it.

I have compiled a list of 5 merits of trading in the currencies, which is as below:

1. You need no prior knowledge to be successful in trading with the currencies. It is not like you have to spend time and money to invest in learning the basics of trading.

2.  There is no threshold time period to earn. One can start earning within minutes of opening a Forex trading account.

3. You need not spend your entire day and time working towards earning money in currency trading. In fact, if you are a seasoned trader the number of hours spent on trading will actually lead to more profits in your bank account.

4. The point 3 above is actually what makes another merit. Since, Forex trading gives an immense opportunity to earn at one's convenience, therefore, one gets to spend more time with friends, family or on a hobby that one is ardent about like crafts or traveling.

5. You do not need to track complex charts and financial reports to make a decision to sell or buy a particular trading pair. Anyone with a little trading knowledge in the stocks and bonds would know how taxing and time consuming it is to read all about the companies annual reports and earnings in order to come up with a decision to investing in them. But with currency trading, this particular task also gets eliminated. With experience one only needs to spend few hours a week in the chart pairs of the currency that they trade in.

So, with all the merits mentioned, I feel currency trading is a revolutionary step in getting independent financially and living a happy and stress free life.
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