Trading Signals for Monday, July 01 2013

Purchasing Managers Index 1948 to 2008

Welcome to a new month, with a new week and also a new trading day.

I am not coming up with any new recommendations for today, considering it is just a Monday; and also the 4h chart is not showing anything definite. Hence, my earlier recommendations that I gave last week can be cancelled in today's scenario.

Though it is an almost no big trading day, but it is rather a good day for scalping.

I say so also because there is no big news coming today, except for the ISM manufacturing PMI.

This news will be coming at 2 pm GMT on this day. That is one news that can make you avoid your scalping half and hour before and after its release.

It is because such important heavy weight news could heavily affect your scalping deals.

Hence, I always advise to follow news whenever you are on with scalping.

Apart from that it is just a day to wait and watch to come up with a long term strategy tomorrow.

Till then have a happy day and life ahead !!!

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