Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Tuesday, September 03 2013

Hello, I did not post yesterday, because there was nothing new that happened, except for one of the Gold entries closing in losses.

With that one closing in red, my count for gold entries touching stop loss has come to 3.

Though luckily, with all 3 my stop loss was very small; which I have even covered up with scalping on the EUR/USD pair. 

Now moving forward, I am just with 3 open deals in my trading account. One closed today for a massive 100 pips, which I even updated on my twitter.

The major news coming up for today is the Manufacturing PMI of the U.S.A. It will be released in next half an hour from now.

That one news will affect the market hugely.

Though I do not fear its outcome, because my account is well endowed with margin due to the pips that I successfully gained the last week.

As far as my feeling goes, the market will go a little up. I say that because my Dollar Index suggests so. If not, then also I will make profits.


Without wasting more words and time, I come up with my signals as follows:

Sell EUR/USD at 1.3251 for a profit of 50 pips.
Buy EUR/USD at 1.3149 for a profit of 50 pips.
Sell Gold at 1419.9 with a stop loss of 1424.9 and gain of 1404.9
Sell Silver at 26.001 with a stop loss of 26.501 and gain of 24.501
Buy Gold at 1365.1 with a stop loss of 1360.1 and gain of 1380.1
Buy Silver at 22.499 with a stop loss of 21.999 and gain of 23.999

With all this I suppose you too have a happy trading day and life ahead.

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