My account post Aug 2014

Image used to convey the idea of currency conv...
Image used to convey the idea of currency conversion (originally from en.wikipedia). The signs are (clockwise from top-left): dollar, euro, pound, shekel, đồng, yen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just thought of including my state of the Forex account as on today, i.e. post August trading, which is as follows:

All over in the month of August I ended up opening 3 trades.

1. One closed with a loss of 5 pips.
2. One closed with a gain of 15 pips.
3. Third is still open with a as-of-now gain of 10 pips.

So, overall the realized gain for the month of August has been 10 pips; and being converted into percentage it becomes a gain of 20%.

Considering a time span of a mere 30 days, it is a very good growth figure, but measuring it up to my own standards of growth measurement, it is a loss. I say so because I am used to making a minimum of 100% growth in a month. But nevertheless, the growth is always positive.

Now coming to the learning part :

I feel I could have closed the yet-to-close deal when it went to 1296 levels, but I did not. I was kind of taken away by the going-a-little-longer on the deal emotion. If that would have happened, then I would have crossed a 60% growth on the month of August. But now there is no point discussing that.

So, as of now I am entering the month of September with an open carry forward deal from August; and will publish the signals as and when I spot them.

Stay tuned!!!  

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