Trading Signals for Thursday, April 11, 2013


I want to apologize for not posting yesterday. I updated one of my entries and also opened 2 new ones as well. But just could not post it yesterday.

So, now I am here to rectify that mistake of mine.

Firstly, my first opened long entry crossed the 300 pips mark, therefore, I moved the stop loss to 1.2849.

Hence, in a worst case scenario my loss would be a profit of 100 pips.

Also, since the 300 pip mark was crossed and also the Stochastic studies showed that the Day chart has been on the overbought area for quite some time, so I ended up opening 2 really short short orders.

They are 2 in all, one at 1.3051 and the other at 1.3101.

Both had a stop loss of 150 pips and a take profit of 50 pips.

P.S: Since the latter opened one at 1.3101 crossed the 50 pips mark and the daily Stochastic is still in the over bought region, I moved the take profit for this particular entry to another 50 pips at 1.3001.

So, as of now the the Take Profit levels for both my "Short Short" entries is at the same level of 1.3001.

Please note that the Stop Loss for both the new short entries is not relaxed, it remains at the same levels of 150 pips for each.

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