Trading Signals for Thursday, April 04, 2013


It is my first post for the current month of April. Also my first post since last 8 days in a row.
And if you have been following my trading pattern along with the market, then you already know what made me post today.

Yeah, today in so many days my account has seen some activity, and that too in a positive stride.

Firstly, after the release of Unemployment claims data of the US, the market went down only to zoom through creating the trigger of opening my entry order at 1.2749.

Also, it is for the first time that I am about to roll over my stop loss for the same order in just a span of 12 hours.

I had almost rolled over the stop loss to the same opening level, but fell short by 1 pip. The market as of now has only touched the 1.2948 levels. Had it surpassed the 1.2949 mark, I would have made the stop loss at 1.2749. That would have made no loss on the same order. The logic is simple, for every 100 pips, I move the initial stop loss by 50 pips.

Also, the earlier opened long order of 1.2799 has also seen a shift of its stop loss from initial levels of 1.2699 to 1.2749, since the levels crossed the 100 pip mark for this particular entry as well.

Hope this is the end of the bear run for sometime at least, or till the time I recover from my losses.

Happy Trading and a Happy Life!!!
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