Trading Signals for Wednesday, June 19 2013


A little update on the developments on my forex account. Yesterday, when I posted my last update, only a single entry had triggered on my account. But shortly after that, another Sell entry at 1.3401 also got triggered, bringing the current open deals to a count of 2.

And to talk of the current scenario, both the deals are open and none of them have hit the either ends.

Basically the market today remained consolidated, so it did not move the either side much. 1.3413 and  1.3385 were the ranges that the market touched today till this moment now.

The reason for this side-ways moving market should be known to any long term trader, it is because of the soon to be released FOMC statement. 

It comes every now and then and brings about big changes in the market.

Now to come to practical part; if the market goes real up, I will lose 200 pips, but if goes real down, I will earn 100 pips.

As usual, I do not know which ways the market will move, but I am ready to handle both.

Happy Trading, and will update the results tomorrow.

Good Night
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