Trading Signals for Thursday, June 27 2013


The things are getting back to normal now.

I have moved my account to a lot of recovery since yesterday, mainly due to scalping.

I promise to talk about this more in this weekend.

But otherwise, there is also a good news otherwise.

One of my Buy deal at 1.2999 closed with the take profit of 50 pips.

That was indeed a savior deal. That was one big deal that ended up in profits.

Now coming to the as of now scenario of my forex account:

I have a Buy deal at 1.3049 open, which is still open in losses.

Otherwise, there is another limit order kept at 1.2949, as suggested on my last update, which I have not altered. 

So, just waiting for the open order at 1.3049 to end in profits.

Will update, once it either ends in profit or losses.

And yeah, will update my scalping strategy by the weekend.

Happy Day ahead....

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