Trading Signals for Friday, June 28 2013


It has just been a mammoth task achieved. My buy order at 1.3049 just got closed with 50 pips right now, hitting its take profit levels.

Hence, as of now I am at a loss of 200 pips in this week.

Because, I gained 100 pips since yesterday, therefore, 200 pips lost instead of 300.

As of now I have not kept any further entry orders, except for I kept 2 days back.

I am steady on them till now. And not keeping any more future orders.

Actually I am waiting for the next week, then I will keep or edit the orders.

Yeah, as I mentioned in my yesterday's update, I am scalping for 1 pip trades in order to recover the lost pips.

Also, I will be updating a tutorial on that this weekend.

So, just stay tuned and keep living.
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