Trading Signals for Tuesday, June 25 2013


Today I am posting late because I was waiting for my open trades to show some action, on the either sides.

And one of the open deals did show. So, I am here with the update.

It is sad because one of the deal, which I was scared of, did turn my scares into real and closed with the stop loss. I am talking of the deal that opened at 1.3199.

That made a 100 pip loss. Though I could have recovered 50 pips had my trade of 1.3099 levels had closed at 1.3151. But sadly the market turned back from 1.3150. That means I lost making 50 pips by just 1 pip mark.

Yeah, I know that is indeed sad.

So, now the summary is 100 pips loss for this week. If my 2 open deals at 1.3149 and 1.3099 close in profits, then my losses would be erased. Else, I will have to try really hard.

Hence, now I am exposed to a loss of 200 pips, or a profit of 100 pips.

Also, I got these few entry deals kept, which could trigger off if reached the desired levels:

Buy Eur/Usd at 1.3049, and Sell at 1.3201. Of course, both have a stop loss of 100 and a profit of 50 pips.

Will update tomorrow on my existing deals, or on the kept limit entry orders.

Good Night and a Happy day ahead !!!

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