Trading Signals for Friday, June 07 2013


Yeah I did a disappearing act with my blog yesterday. Yeah I just wanted to know if there are any real people reading it. And yeah I got to know the truth. Hahha

Guys if anyone of you is following my post updates, and you actually end up profiting from my trading signals, then I request each on of you to come back and just click on any of the google ads displayed on my blog. That will really motivate me to share my trading strategies with everyone. Yeah, a big thanks in advance.

Now coming up to the forex work bit. Yeah as I posted yesterday, I still maintain the same. I am confused.

Yeah yesterday, my long entry at 1.2849 finally closed giving me another +300 pips in profits.

But on the other hand I also had my first losing deal.

Yeah, as you might have noticed, the market went soaring up, and along with it my Sell entry at 1.3051 closed in a loss of 30 pips.

Right now I have not kept any open deal. I will let this non-farm data pass by, and then I will further come up with any trading strategies.

But considering yesterday's trend, I think that is going to be the one for few more days, till the Week's stochastic reaches the top North. Yeah, on the other hand it is stuck since long up there for the 4H chart.

Yeah, I again repeat, I am confused.

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