Trading Signals for Tuesday, June 18 2013


Here comes an update on the yesterday's kept entry orders.

I am happy and sad both.

Happy because the Sell entry order at 1.3351 got triggered; but sad because the one at 1.3401 just missed being triggered by a mere 2 pips.

Had the second cover one at 1.3401 got triggered; then I would have earned my 50 pips for the day,\; making me earn the first 50 pips of the current week.

Now all my eyes are set on the one that is open. It will either shut close with a profit of 50 pips, or if the market goes up, which I feel is quite unlikely right now, then the deal might close with a loss of 100 pips.

I really do not know what would happen next, but I do know what I have done with the open deal.

I have rolled over the profit levels for the same by 2 pips, bringing the profit levels at 1.2999.

Now waiting for the deal to close, will update tomorrow whatever will be the outcome.

Happy Trading and a Happy Day !!!
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