Trading Signals for Wednesday, June 05 2013


I am again happy to post that my sell entry at 1.3051 closed with a 50 pips profit yesterday.

So, since 17th of last month I have earned 250 pips cumulatively.

But I am also sad since the long entry at 1.2799 failed to close in profits by just 6 pips today!!

Had it closed at 1.3119, I would have gained a whooping 300 pips more.

Anyway, looking at the current scenario of the market right now, I am not able to make out which direction it is going to go now. So, I am currently on the wait and watch strategy.

However, my limit entries are still on, which are as follows:

Buy EUR/USD at 1.2949  and Sell at 1.3151. Both the deals have a take profit of 50 pips, and a stop loss of 150.

Also, the open entries are as follows:

Buy Eur/Usd at 1.2799 and 1.2849, whereas, sell at 1.3051

None of them have achieved the take profit levels that I am expecting, so all are still open.

Happy Trading and a Happy Day !!

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