Trading Signals for Tuesday, June 04 2013


Today I am getting straight to business, cause I have an appointment in 2 hours from now and I got to rush things.

Firstly, an update on yesterday's long entry order. No, as you know now that the one long one at 1.2949 did not trigger.

But the market did reach heights yesterday, but none of my long long entries close with a profit.

Though another 2 short short entries at 1.3101 and 1.3051 did open. Although I wanted to delete the entry one at 1.3051, cause I had seen the strong wave of market upswing, but I was late in doing so. Anyway, it is ok. Now that 2 each orders of same strenght in both directions are opened, so I am very very safe. LOL

Now coming to the right now scenario, the market seems to be in for a north direction, so I might get some profits on either or both of my short short deals.

Rest will update tomorrow.

Yeah the long entry order at 1.2949 is still existing.

Happy Trading a happy day ahead !!!
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