Post 92 Trading Days since the Challenge

Ok. So it has been a long time since I have spoken about my trading activities. The last when I did was on the 20th of May. Today it is 10th of June and it is difficult to believe that 92 Trading days have passed.
Out of which, 56 signals have triggered. That means 36 signals till today have not triggered. Though considering the entire 100 trading days, 44 are yet left.
Since the last post update, 10 more trades got triggered. 6 of them closed in losses, while 3 got profits, while one got none.
The summary of the entire account till date is as follows:
36 closed in Losses
16 closed in Profits
  4 closed in neither profit/loss
On paper it seems to be a 60% on my initial investment of 200$. But every one knows by now that I move my take profit levels a little to cover up for the broker margins. So, actually I am on 100% profit margin. It means that I have gained 200$ profit by investing 200$ in a period of 92 Trading days. 
I started this 100 Days trading challenge on the 2nd of February and today it is 10th of June. 
Not bad, I must say.
I have attached the activity on my account from the 15th of May till date. Do have a look.
Let me know if you wish to know more on my trading style.
Till then Good Bye and Good Luck.
100 Days Trading Challenge - 92 days

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