Post 25 Trading Days since the Challenge


It is 8th of March 2015 for me today. This date tells me that 25 Trading days have passed since the day I started on my epic 100 Trading days challenge. Just recapping that starting February this year, I started a journal on my trading on the Gold with a mere principle of 50$. As I was about to lose it completely, I re-invested 50$ into my account. This was till my last update on the 13 trading days since starting this challenge.

Now a good quarter of time has passed; hence I am here with my update.

I have again lost 90% of my money; that means I am only left with 10$ in my account; actually 9$ since one of the deal could not be closed at the specified stop loss due to volatile market conditions.

Anyway, the crux of the matter is that I will have to again fund my account with another 50$; which I shall do tomorrow.

To sum up my deals, here is the breakdown:

Losses: 12
Gain   :   1
Null    :  0

This means out of 100$ dollar invested; I gained 30$ and lost 120$, so the sum total is 10$ (approx) remaining in my account.

In terms of Sell Vs. Buy deals, I lost all the Buy deals except one till date. And obviously none of the Sell deals triggered till date.

Hence, out of 25 Limit entries,  13 were of BUY, while 12 were SELL entries. All 13 are exhausted, now only 12 Sell entries are remaining.

On an average, for the 5 weeks that have passed since starting this activity, on an average each week had a trigger rate of 2.6 entries, although the major events happened in the last week.

I am planning to come up with the list of all the Limit entries in a chronological order. Shall update on that soon.

As of now I have posted the snapshot of my Closed deals as on today.

Post 25 Trading Days since the Challenge
Post 25 Trading Days since the Challenge

Do let me know if there is any concern regarding all this. All that I can say is things will better up in the coming weeks for sure.


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