Post 55 Trading Days since the Challenge

It is 20th of April 2015 today, and I am glad that I have passed 55 trading days since the challenge. At the first instance I never thought I would have the inclination to write till here. But this post is a proof that I have finally done it.
Getting straight to the numbers; it has been 55 trading days till today.
If one were to consider 5 trading days per week, then till today it should have been 56 days. But somewhere during the good Friday day, the commodities trading was on halt. Thus, that lead to one day less, and hence the number 55.
Of these 55 trading days, I posted every trade on twitter that I had kept as a limit one. Of those 55, only 22 got triggered. Of those 22, 3 closed reaching the profit levels, leaving the rest 19 as losses. Comparing 3 to 22 seems odd, but with respect to profit and loss, things are not that bad.
If you have been following my blog for some time, then you must be aware of my trading strategy. My profit levels are 3 times to that of my loss levels. Hence, my account has 100$ in losses, even when the number of loss deals is 19. I invested 200$ for the current trading plan, out of which 100$ is at a loss. That leaves the same amount, which is 100$ left for trading.

As of now there are 33 more limit deals in my account that can trigger any day. Adding to that there are 45 more fresh deals that are upcoming. I will keep them posted on my twitter. As of now I am posting the snapshot of my account in real time since the 15th of March till today.

Post 55 Trading Days since the Challenge - My Trading Journal

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