Trading Signals for Friday, May 31 2013


I am again happy to post that my Sell order at 1.3051 has hit the take profit of 50 pips, the way I had set it.

So, now with this particular closed entry, my total winning pips has come to 200 pips; and yes, there is no losing pips in the last 2 weeks. Yeah!!

So, I have put in another Sell entry order at 1.3051 for a gain of 50 pips and a stop loss of 150 pips.

Just re-mentioning that my 2 long entry orders at 1.2799 and 1.2849 levels are still on. By chance if the market goes real low, I will not make any losses on these 2 deals, as I have put the rolling stop loss at the same spot where these deals opened.

Yeah, the earned 200 pips will take care of the profits very well.

But if the market goes real up, these 2 orders will close giving me a clear profit of another 600 pips...WOW

Happy Trading to you and a happier weekend along with a ever lasting happier life.

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