Trading Signals for Thursday, May 30 2013


I am really happy to update my blog today with this post.

I had mentioned in my earlier posts that I had kept 2 sell orders of 50 pips profit at 1.3001 and 1.3051 levels.

I am happy that the one at 1.3001 levels closed with a take profit.

Though the one at 1.3051 levels is still on.

So, from now even if the market goes down or goes up, I will be profiting in both the scenarios.

As I have already made 150 pips of profits in the last 15 days.

Just giving a round up of my entry orders as follows:

Sell Eur/Usd at 1.3101 levels for 50 pips in profits and 150 pips in losses as of now. I might make rolling take profits and stop losses if the market trend changes from upwards to downwards.

Apart from this one, I still have the long entry order at 1.2749 levels for 100 pips in losses and 300 in profits.

Also worth mentioning is that I have moved the stop losses from both of the existing long entry orders to the levels where the deals started, respectively at 1.2849 and 1.2799 levels. So this way I am not in for any losses from these long orders.

Wish I get more and more profits from my 3 deals that are open right now.

Hope the same for anyone who is trading right now.

Happy Day ahead!!!!
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