Trading signals for Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I really got no time to even check my deals. But that is the great thing about smart and calculated trading. You really do not need to worry much, even when you are away from your trading desk for a long time.

The trading plan takes care of everything.

Just a little update on my deals:

The 2 long entry orders on 1.2849 and 1.2799 are still going strong. Hope they will do in the near future too.

The Stochastics for the 4 hours have touched the top North, but looking at the jolt of the upward thrust, I am not going in for the 3rd sell entry at 1.2951....

Instead I have moved the levels to 1.3001. So, if the market reaches till there, it should see a little fallback of say 50 pips downwards. So, I have a limit entry there.

Will get to know about the outcome tomorrow when I reach back home.

Till then, keep trading and keep smiling....  

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