Trading Signals for Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Good Morning!!

It is a great feeling to wake up and see that both your entry orders are on profit.

If you are following my blog since some time, then you would know what I have done with one of my entry orders.

The one which started at 1.2799 has crossed the 100 pip mark, hence the stop loss has been converted to a trailing one. I moved the loss levels from 1.2699 to 1.2749 levels.

But for the order that started at 1.2849, has not been altered in any form.

Considering the 4HR chart, I am a little compelled to open an Sell entry order at 1.2951 levels, but the great Stochastics and  the moving averages seem to be contradicting each other.

I think I am better off by doing nothing in a case of doubt...

You guys have a happy day and a happy trading leave me a comment if you need to ask something...

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