Trading Signals for Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hi, the reason why I get to post this late in the day is because I did not open any new trade. I am still on the wait and watch mode. The market seems to be ranging, therefore no fixed movement is seen in the markets, in neither of the direction.

The status is same, in the open trades, I either make a maximum profit of 600 pips, or I lose a maximum of 50 pips. In a probable scenario I could also make a profit of 300 pips and a loss of 50 pips, both together.

But what is going to happen, I do not have an idea, but looking at the daily charts, I am more likely to incur a minimum of 300 pips as a profit. I do not know; all of us will get to know probably by the end of this week.

The commodities seem to be developing a bearish patter, as I had guessed 2 days back. Though I am suppressing the urge to buy any of them. I would look into them only when my EUR/USD deals get closed, or the Gold goes below the 1650 mark.

Happy Trading!!!

P.S: If I end up not trading any deal for tomorrow, then I would not post a blog.
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