Trading Signals for Friday, February 8, 2013

I had to post today, it is not just the last day of the week, but also the day when my another entry order closed in a profit. So, now my overall profits are to the tune of 200 pips.

I was kind of hopeful for this second entry to close on a profit as well.

I am really thrilled. Well, it is my discipline that makes me end up in green every time.

Further from here, I will put in a request for the withdrawal of funds to my bank accounts.

I am quite adamant on that as well.

Also, I removed the entry order that I had put in on the Monday, February 4th.

So, as of now there is only a count of 1 for the orders opened in the current month of February.

Will come up with more trades, and more and more profitable trades from the next week.

Till then I am basking from the profits made in this month, till now.

Happy Weekend!!
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