Trading Signals for EUR/USD on Monday, December 02, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Trolls
Thanksgiving at the Trolls (Photo credit: martha_chapa95)
Hello after a long time. I actually took a break from trading due to the erratic movements of the market during the Thanksgiving.

I generally stay away from trading during such major events. The reason is simple. The anxiety in the market is at its peak, and therefore the signals do not come clear and appropriate.

I had gained some 132 odd pips in my account, hence I withdrew and did not indulge in much and took a kind of break.

But now, I am back to my daily business, and therefore the signals for the day are as follows:

Short the EUR/USD pair at 1.3601 for a profit of 100 pips and a stop loss of 50. A strategy to move the loss 25 pips once the profit inches 50 pips will be a good idea to gain more and loose less.

I go that way and earn, so can you.

I am in favor for the short side, because the Price action theory suggests so for my favourite 4 HR time frame.

Hope you make some pips and enjoy the first week of this last month of this year.


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